What would you like to see in Cyberpunk?

by VampireNinjaDack. Posted on May 16, 2020

As a cyberpunk fan, I can't wait to see all the different cyberwear and body modifications. What are some aesthetics or items you'd like to see in Cyberpunk 2077?

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Midweek Mingle - (May 13, 2020)

by AutoModerator. Posted on May 16, 2020

Looking to post those hauls you're so excited about? Wanna see how many other people here like indie RPGs? Or maybe you brew your own beer or write music or make pottery on the side and ya wanna chat about that? This is your thread. Consider this our sub's version of going out to happy hour with your coworkers. It's a place to lay back and relax a little. We will still be enforcing civility (and spam if it's egregious), but otherwise it's open season. Have fun!

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Super Mega Baseball 3 - Review Thread

by messem10. Posted on May 16, 2020

Game Information

Game Title: Super Mega Baseball 3 Platforms:

Review Aggregator: OpenCritic - 81 average - 67% recommended - 9 reviews Critic Reviews -—————DualShockers - Ricky Frech - 7 / 10 >Super Mega Baseball 3 is not a total home run, but the franchise and its brand of wacky baseball continue to trend in the right direction. -———— ————https://opencritic.com/outlet/421/gameskinny) - [Mark Delaney](https://opencritic.com/critic/1704/mark-delaney) - [9 / 10 stars](http://www.gameskinny.com/3wayw/super-mega-baseball-3-review-future-hall-of-famer) >Super Mega Baseball has never been given the accolades it’s deserved, but ’his is the year baseball fans will finally notice this all-star. -———— [GamingBo————opencritic.com/outlet/297/gamingbolt) - [Alec Benner](https://opencritic.com/critic/6965/alec-benner) - [7 / 10](https://gamingbolt.com/super-mega-baseball-3-review-bottom-of-the-ninth-and-just-barely-trailing) >Super Mega Baseball 3 is a fun arcade sports game with plenty to offer for those looking for something to pick up and play. It lacks depth, but makes up for it in simple fun. -———— [IGN](https://ope————outlet/56/ign) - [Caley Roark](https://opencritic.com/critic/1187/caley-roark) - [8 / 10](http://www.ign.com/articles/super-mega-baseball-3-review) >Super Mega Baseball isn’t as deep a simulation as MLB Th’ Show, but doesn’t have to be: it gets the fundam’ntals right and has taken meaningful steps toward being a more complete baseball game. -———— [Nintendo Times](https://————om/outlet/658/nintendo-times) - [Ben Imdieke](https://opencritic.com/critic/5740/ben-imdieke) - [8.5 / 10](https://nintendotimes.com/2020/05/12/super-mega-baseball-3-review/) >GREAT - Super Mega Baseball 3 retains the wonderful gameplay from the prior game and the bottom line is that it’s just plain fun to play. The addition of franchise mode is sure to excite some gamers and this is a great iteration of the franchise to begin with. However, if you already own Super Mega Baseball 2, the price of admission may be too steep for this sequel. -———— [NintendoWorldReport](https://ope————outlet/138/nintendoworldreport) - [Neal Ronaghan](https://opencritic.com/critic/1517/neal-ronaghan) - [9.5 / 10](http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/review/53684/super-mega-baseball-3-switch-review) >Franchise mode helps to extend that depth in creative, unique ways. Overall, Super Mega Baseball 3 is like if those old janky NES baseball games played as good as you wish they did when you were younger, while at the same time, standing respectably next to the greatest sports games of all time. After all, Super Mega Baseball 3 is the greatest baseball video game I have ever played. -———— [PC Gamer](https://opencritic.com/outlet/————) - [Christopher Livingston](https://opencritic.com/critic/710/christopher-livingston) - [90 / 100](https://www.pcgamer.com/super-mega-baseball-3-review/) >The excellent franchise mode adds loads of depth and decision making, and on-field play is livelier than ever. -———— [Shacknews](https://opencritic.com/outlet/62/shac————Chris Jarrard](https://opencritic.com/critic/4311/chris-jarrard) - [7 / 10](https://www.shacknews.com/article/118039/super-mega-baseball-3-review-a-cup-of-coffee-in-the-big-leagues) >Quote not yet available -———— **[Video Chums](https://opencritic.com/outlet/624/video-chu————. Maciejewski - 8.2 / 10 >Super Mega Baseball 3 proves that arcade baseball can be authentic while also catering to casual fans of the sport. From its plentiful customization options and in-depth mechanics that you can either choose to master or not; this is truly a baseball game for everyone. -———————

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Ressident evil WC3 map remake

by SchuRich991. Posted on May 16, 2020

If anyone remembers soldiers running around on map as teams gathering resources haveing classes and surviveing waves and bosses and building blockade. Please remember to make that game with save load system.

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Bane rampage

by franz_ferdynand. Posted on May 16, 2020


Check my rampage on Bane which i did some time ago.



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Tournament Organizers have more power than they realize.

by keppp. Posted on May 16, 2020

If Valve won't amend their rules, I feel as though TO's should put their foot down and stop hosting tournaments until the issue of exclusivity/sponsorships/etc is settled.

The current policy made sense until streamers started being completely egregious and overt with their monetization of tournament content. There was absolutely a line, and a few streamers have crossed it. Play dumb all you want, nobody is fooled except those most blinded by bias.

Let the scene make its mistake, and perhaps we'll have a moment of clarity. Let's see how long we last before we're crying about there being a "lack of tournaments!!!"

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Only Valve has the means to end all this drama, here is what they need to do:

by ReTaRd6942times10. Posted on May 16, 2020

Release Battlepass

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Why do alchemist even exists

by see_quayah. Posted on May 16, 2020

LoOk GUyS I'M FuLL SlOtEd 20 mInuTeS lOl ImMa STomP The EnNemy And FinIsh ThE GAMe LOl

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Add ability to deny ally wards blocking friendly neutral camps

by chabuke. Posted on May 16, 2020

Once in a while you get the type of person who just decides to ruin it for everyone by constantly warding your camps, would be nice to be able to deny those wards.

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Huge thank you to 343i for remastering the Halo franchise!

by cyborgcolossus. Posted on May 16, 2020

Story time. My mother had extremely strict rules on video games (they will rot your brain, type thing). I was a pre-teen when Halo originally released, a time where I was very interested in video games and was almost banned entirely from playing them whatsoever. We were only allowed to play educational games, and THANK GOD somehow we tricked my mom into letting us play Civ III, thinking it was educational, but even still we were limited to 1/2 hr every OTHER day (including PC boot time). It wasn't awesome. The thought of owning a console was completely out of Reach (yes, pun intended). Everyday I would go to school and hear about how much my friends were loving Halo, and this continued throughout high school as the Halo games continued to release. By the time I was ~16ish, Halo 3 was out and after school all my friends went to one house or another to play Halo together, I would go but usually just watch because every time it was "my turn," I would get annihilated instantly because I could barely even use a controller, due to lack of experience. This led me to not even want to play, but I was content being part of the experience by watching my friends all have fun together. Obviously those days are long gone. On my 18th birthday, I pooled all of the birthday / graduation money I had received and bought a ~$2,000 PC, all my own with nobody to tell me I couldn't or when I was allowed to use it. But, alas, the days of Halo were over. All of my friends had moved on, college and so forth. We still played together sometimes, CoD or whatever was popular at the time, but that too faded as people got busy, moved on from video games, etc. My interest in video games as a whole remained, but ebbed and flowed with new titles become old, or my interest in certain franchises waned. BUT THEN, seemingly out of the blue, whatever stars aligned AND HALO WAS COMING BACK!!! And now, finally, after all these years, I can finally play Halo like I always wanted to!!! I love it, I absolutely do! I can finally play Halo in the epic HD glory i remember it being when I was watching as a spectator from the couch (obviously it looked terrible, but everyone has the HD nostalgia, and the fact that you can toggle switch it from the remaster to the original, literally makes my day, and I switch it back and forth every 30 seconds just to feel and appreciate the difference. I beat Halo 1, finally 19 years after release. It was fun, pure old-school fun, linear, basic.. sure, but just fun. Now, as of today I stepped into Halo 2 for the first time ever, like I had never even been the player 2 dead weight bozo before, and honestly I am having as much fun playing video games as I ever have in my life, I can't put it down (obviously I did to write this, but only because of how important it feels to have that child like bliss that all my friends had as kids). Anyway, to surmise, thank you to whoever green-lit this remake, you have truly made my day and the effort and care that went into it to make it feel amazing and fresh, just like it did all those years ago. Sincerely, THANK YOU!!!

tl;dr Thank you from remaking these games, you have made me feel like a child again, aware of wonder and excitement.

Also I took some screenshots from the old compared to the new, and realized that probably no one would care, but here they are anyway lol https://imgur.com/a/Jw0sMeA

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Find all steam profiles who own the same game from a single country

by Eginard. Posted on May 16, 2020

I was wondering if it’s possible somehow to find all the steam profiles who own a game from a specific country.

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[REQUEST] Tower Defense Games.

by kensu2001. Posted on May 16, 2020

Hello, i'm looking forward some tower defense games [TD] and i only know Bloons TD Battles and Bloons TD 6 I got bored playing them and i want to play some new games [TD] but i don't know any. -paid or free doesn't matter. -5hours+ gameplay. (if it's offline) -online or offline doesn't matter.

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The place of graphics in PC gaming

by Fantacide. Posted on May 16, 2020

After today's post on the new Unreal 5 tech demo, it got me thinking about a subject that tends to creep into my brain anytime something like this comes up.

Are hyper realistic graphics a boon or a bane in the PC gaming world? Some of the best games from pc's yesteryear (anything from bullfrog, the old origin games, interplay rpgs) were made with tech that would seem antiquated by today's standards, but seem to occupy the indie scene. Now granted, at the time that type of tech was top of the line, but by today's standard it costs a fraction of the development costs. The indie games of today are yesterday's AAA experience.

With that being said, are massive budgets and super realistic graphics really giving us better games? I'm not trying to throw shade to people that enjoy that type of tech or style, and I'm happy they can enjoy that. It just makes me think that if some of the bigger developers focused more on bringing us new experiences instead of trying to make the light on a rock look like I'm outside we would be better off.

This might possibly be a "Old man shouting at clouds" situation as well.


The more I think about it, the more I think that this comes down to my opinion that 3d engines in general are my problem. It just seems that some of the most engrossing games that I have ever played didn't use them.

Caution: Old man shouting at clouds definitely spotted

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Xbox one capture help

by Drudgep. Posted on May 16, 2020


I've recently learned about the capture feature, and I was playing call of duty and had a pretty good game run. When I died I hit the Xbox button and capture the last 5 minutes option.

After ending, the clip I have is of 3 seconds.... And my storage is 79 percent full. What happened? I am super bummed.

I have already tried a hard reset to no avail.


Great Customer Service from Asmodee

by NightTrain4235. Posted on May 16, 2020

I've been reading some negative things lately about Asmodee's customer service, but my personal experience today has been the exact opposite of that.

Asmodee is running a great sale on many of their games right now, so I placed an order for four game. I received my order in just a few days, but found an error in my shipment. One of the games I ordered was mistakenly replaced with a different game of a similar name.

I sent an email to Asmodee's customer service department to let them know about the mistake. They replied within a couple of hours and asked me to send them photos of the invoice and all the products that were shipped to me. I did that and received my final reply from them almost immediately. They will send me the game I was supposed to have received and I get to keep the one they sent me by mistake for free.

All of this was done from start to finish in four hours. I couldn't ask for any better or faster customer service than what I experienced from Asmodee today.

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Level of steam account

by -Trueman-. Posted on May 16, 2020

I want to increase the level of my steam account to a very specific number. Would there be a way to prevent myself from gaining xp from badges that steam automatically gives you for free such as years on steam, collecting games, etc.

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It's 2014 again

by Pleh_Me. Posted on May 16, 2020

With the media and people saying the PC won't be able to compete with consoles....


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Why is the pay 2 win aspect of MMOs generally accepted in the East, but frowned upon by the West?

by GombaPorkolt. Posted on May 16, 2020

So I'm not a huge MMO player, however, I follow a lot of MMO reviewers on YT and/or read articles about upcoming MMOs, and one thing that almost everyone said about Eastern MMOs coming to the West, and about them in general, is that in Asia, a lot of people are completely okay with the pay-to-win model, and love spending money on the games/characters, not minding if the items purchased are costumes, or provide in-game advantage,

In general, what I've heard so far (I live in the West BTW), is that the Asian player-base is completely fine with and used to paying more money for a game they already own and, in their gaming culture, it's 100% OK to spend thousands of dollars on a character. They don't seem to complain, while they work and earn and have expenses and lives just like us in the West.


Can an Asian MMO player or someone expert in that field tell me what the difference in mentality is between Eastern and Western gamers to cause such a divide when it comes to in-game purchases? As I understand, some of us even earn more here in the West than those in the East, yet, they rarely complain (in general, mind you; based solely on what I've heard so far) about P2W aspects in an MMO or a game in general, while we sometimes frown upon even paid-for cosmetics and see that as a form of introducing P2W-elements later.

Thank you for the answers in advance!

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Will the new season be before the battle pass release what do you think?

by Karlovasi. Posted on May 16, 2020

At 19 of May the current season will run for 8 months What do you think we will have first?

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Recommendations on 4K TVs for Series X

by Gedii12. Posted on May 16, 2020

I'm wanting to upgrade my TV to take advantage of as much of the series x features as I can but my room size only allows for maybe 43 inches max, so finding a solid TV for next gen hasn't been ideal.

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