Dominator on any pos4?

by rocker10730. Posted on May 15, 2020

My divino 2 friend claimed that instead of veil euls I should've gone dominator on willow pos4. Looking for opinions on this. I wasn't laning with him so he (PL) would not have gotten the dominator buff until later in the game when I had filled item slots bc they had invis heroes.

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Is this my console or Master Chief collection runs horribly?

by eco_idle. Posted on May 15, 2020

Ok, I get that there could be some issues with performance with demanding third party games (Fallen Order) or lazy ports (Nier: Automata). You could think that such a flagship as Halo series won't have performance problems but somehow they completly fucked it up. I mean... I have Xbox One X, it's relatively new and so on. I installed Master Chief Collection from Game Pass because wanted to refresh my sweet memories with that series and holy shit Combat Evolved: Anniversary runs TERRIBLE. There are frame drops, stutter and basically it is a chore to play. Anyone had the same problem?

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Returning Elite Series 2 Controller - Advice Needed

by Proximazen. Posted on May 15, 2020

Im returning my elite series 2 controller to Microsoft for repairs, however it states that i shouldnt include any parts that are detachable, like the paddles and joysticks. However, one of the reasons im returning it for repair (along with both bumpers being broken) is because the lower right paddle is hanging loose and sticks when clicked. Should i include it either way? Atleast the lower right one? Or will they just end up replacing the entire controller instead of repairing it?

Also, one more question, it says that i should include 3 copies of the customs label that ive printed, should this be attached to the parcel or packed inside it?


Any insight is greatly appriciated :)

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by drdoom_666. Posted on May 15, 2020

Hello guys,I play DotA from India and started with DotA 1 days. Although we all should agree that the community in general is toxic especially at the lower MMRs.,I feel the SEA server especially is extremely toxic. I know people who've have had actual issues with their peace of mind because of the high levels of toxicity. I've even considered quitting the game all together because of it. But then again,the love for DotA doesn't let me. Do you agree the excessive SEA toxicity? Or is it the same on all servers?

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Any way to fix joysticks sticking/not responding without disassembly

by Drunk_Uncle_Billy. Posted on May 15, 2020

Nevermind I fixed it by pulling the joystick upwards and blowing into the crevasse

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How to get better at the game and avoid getting stuck in low prio?

by oCorvus. Posted on May 15, 2020

To preface this, I must say I am primarily an FPS player. I am simply just awful at Dota 2. I have about 400 hours on the game, and have been playing on and off over the past couple of years (the reason for this ill explain later)

I watch tutorials on the various heroes and follow build guides. I try to communicate using my mic the best I can in-game and genuinely try my best each game.

Now I know this game is super duper in-depth and complex, and I don't expect to be good at the game by now, or even soon in the future.

But I find it almost impossible to enjoy the game at this skill level. I get spam reported almost every game and end up in low priority within a week. I'll try for a couple of weeks to get out of low priority, I'll even play with my more experienced friends, yet getting out just seems impossible. I usually just give up after a few weeks and quit playing the game for a couple of months until I'm automatically taken out of low priority.

What can I do to avoid these spam reports? Is there any technique on getting out of low priority faster?

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I got a 14 day free game pass ultimate trial

by youngboylikespussy. Posted on May 15, 2020

If I install the games available, does that mean i will only get to play them for 14 days, and then have to delete them after??

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About the crunchwrap thing

by 7-SE7EN-7. Posted on May 15, 2020

you're supposed to fold the tortilla then grill it

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Game share not working

by AHRbro. Posted on May 15, 2020

My friend passed me his account to share some games with each other. I've put his account on my console as a Home Xbox. When I wanted to download his games it shows me that I have to buy them.

I've already looked in the library and in the Microsoft Store but doesn't let me download. The games are digital and were redeemed with a code.

What should I do?

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Train Tuesday - (May 12, 2020)

by AutoModerator. Posted on May 15, 2020

Happy Tuesday, /r/boardgames! This is a weekly thread to discuss train games and 18xx games, which are a family of economic train games consisting of shared ownership in railroad companies. For more information, see the description on BGG. There’s also a subreddit devoted entirely to 18xx games, /r/18xx, and a subreddit devoted entirely to Age of Steam, /r/AgeOfSteam. Here’s a nice guide on how to get started with 18xx. Feel free to discuss anything about train games, including recent plays, what you're looking forward to, and any questions you have. If you want to arrange to play some 18xx or other train games online, feel free to try to arrange a game with people via /r/playboardgames. Previous Train Tuesday Posts

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How can I play a game that's supposed to run on an old version of android

by Raikiri_Rasetsu. Posted on May 15, 2020

I wanna play Third Blade which is a really good game but the problem is that it was for an old version of android. Are there apps that can play that game or do I need to downgrade my android version.

Edit: Im bad at English

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Open World Game Suggestion

by vietnamesemuscle. Posted on May 15, 2020

Hi, any suggestions for an open world game? Or two? I’ve been eyeing either Red Dead Redemption 2 or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but havent pulled the triggered yet. A bit tired with FPS so trying to look for something else. Much obliged!

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How do you change online status from a shared library?

by BadMoon84. Posted on May 15, 2020

Is there a way to change your online status using a shared library? My son is using a shared library through his mom's main Steam account.

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Update warranty on Elite 2 controller?

by yourcrazy28. Posted on May 15, 2020



I bought the Elite 2 controller at launch on Microsoft's website. Along with the controller, I purchased the warranty for the extra $20. My controller was having some sticky issues the other day, I decided to check what they warranty covers. Upon checking on, the only warranty on the controller was the 'Microsoft Limited Warranty' that expired on April. Looks like the 3 year warranty I purchased along with the controller wasn't added.

I've tired contacting Chat via Xbox Gamers and Microsoft chat agent but they aren't any help. They keep giving me the same instructions to go to 'devices' on but I don't see anyway to check or update warranty. I've tired calling but the wait times have been ridiculous.


Is there a way to update the warranty myself or do I have to wait until a Microsoft store nearby opens.

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Rules Question: Exceed Fighting System

by The_Roadkill. Posted on May 15, 2020

When taking a strike in this game, do hit effects still trigger if I do not pass the opponents armor value?

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Old russian doto jokes translated. Day 1

by Kraivo. Posted on May 15, 2020

> i killed x for 225 gold > > i killed y for 230 gold > > i killed z for 245 gold > > x has left the game > > y has left the game > > z has left the game > > i: guys, i'm not skipping school just so you could leave my games!


If you're waiting for Halo 2, go play Project Cartographer in the meantime!

by BurningPlaydoh. Posted on May 15, 2020

It's a fan patch/restoration of H2: Vista that has adjustable FOV, more settings, etc. Server browser for finding games.

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Feature Request: Avoid player without report

by Nghtmare-Moon. Posted on May 15, 2020

Hi, So I know toxic behavior is shitty but its so normal I can't be reporting every toxic person out there, I only report intentional feeders / item destroyers. However, I would like the "avoid player" feature thats given when you report, but without the report.

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Lone Druid Mid/Offlane early build?

by Starkman13. Posted on May 15, 2020

I am an Archon player. I am planning to study LD mid/offlane. I've never use him before. What are the best starting items? Thanks.

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Hylics 2 Beta is now out

by prismarinlacy. Posted on May 15, 2020

the beta of the surreal claymation rpg is now out

you can join the official discord here!

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