1775 Rebellion

by chainlinkfenceguy. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    3    1

Hello, my question surrounds a sliver of land connected to Maryland, but belongs to Virginia (Delmarva Peninsula). During a game before Covid, British forces invaded the peninsula. Unfortunately they also controlled Maryland making the peninsula effectively a fortress and breaking Rebel control in Virgina. Rebels did not have a sea invasion card and attempted to cross, however British players argued you could not cross since it was not a designated water crossing (ie. Montreal). Who was right?

I tried posting a picture but didn't realize subreddit rules don't allow it. If anyone wants I can post a picture if you let me know how. Thanks in advance!


Sagrilarus 3

Yep, that's part of Virginia. You need to defend it to hold Virginia.

There is no crossing there. It's about 20 miles to Norfolk.