30 minutes ban because I abandoned an unwinnable game to not waste my time and my friends

by madalin1992. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    11

Here comes, crusader 7 alchemist, with brown boots, a bracer and going for maelstrom, while their PA has desolator and bfury already. I abandoned - 30 minute ban for no reason just to show that you fucking shitstains decided to cry "LET'S PUNISH ABANDONS MORE WAH WAH" fucking cry babies


huqqis 1

maybe just play against bots if you wanna leave when someone is having a hard game. no bans then.

emmansky 1

LOL u deserved it man hahha

Codename_Fluffy 2

If you think it's "for no reason" then it seems your parent(s) never spoke to you about how actions have consequences.

scavenger195 2

more valve! People like this guy don't need 30-min ban . This guy needs 5 games LP .

mintyfreshmike47 2

What exactly was the purpose of posting this on Reddit?

This post is literally you admitting to getting tilted and leaving. You know you're going to get a ban so why cry about it. There's no algorithm that allows safe leaves if the game is unfavorable

Kagemi69 2


JonahOfTheHill 2


rockodss 3

Get fucked loser. Thats some 25IQ mentality.

11053755 5

Sums about your rank..

Yelebear 9

Calling people crybaby on your bitch thread where you are unironically crying about being punished

Thirteenera 16

Glad to see the system working as intended. I hope people like you stay in low prio.