500gb original xbox one only has 364.9gb?

by James_Macdermid. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    10

Why is this?



A 500GB HDD is actually about 465MB, the other 100GB or so is reserved for the OS, ect.,

welshdragon888 1


What a rip off.

Ultra-Magnus1 1

yeah, that's not surprising. it's like that with flash drives too. a 16gb usb flash drive is roughly about 14 and change once you stick it in your pc....i fell sorry for those ps5 owners who are promised an 800+ drive which will end up with less than that when they turn it on.

Escodl 1

Its space taken up by the system files. The 1 terabyte Hard drive only has 780 gb


When something says a size, it's the size minus necessary room for the operating system, updates, screenshots and clips, other background things, etc.


They should not day it is 500gb

cougar831 3

Technically it is.

NoMercy_17 3

Updates and stuff like that.

welshdragon888 5

Operating system and reserved space for captures etc.


Damn it