7.27 Waiting Room

by stygiandesolation. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    97    17

Nerf secret pls


PersonFromPlace 1

Now give Hero Balances!!!

blueandpurpel 2

Time to leave its here bois!

UltimateToa 4

I wish it was coming today but sadly I doubt it, SEA and NA tournaments still in the middle

blueandpurpel 2

Check again

gatanu 2

What about the heroes updates ?

blueandpurpel 1

According to ice-frog they are perfectly balanced, as in all things

UltimateToa 3

thank god

xanfire1 2

Probably Tuesday, most of their updates are on tuesdays

Euphoria_99 3

Nerf lone druid please BlessRNG

Trakinass 1

For real LD is strong af

_koroneko_ 2

Nononononono, it brought me from some archon 2 or 3 to legend 5 pls noooooooo

Euphoria_99 2

now thats a really good progression mate Pog

_koroneko_ 1

Yea I hope I can get to ancient before they nerf him to oblivion!

medoedich 3


EdwardColdhands 17

That will never come feelsbadman

EthanAssasin 3

Chu say?