75" TV recommendation @ $2k ish budget

by fuzzywuzzypete. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    9    49

Looking for recommendation for 75" or possibly larger tv without going much over 2k unless it really is a big difference. Will be used for gaming (launch Xbox & upgrading to Series X) & movies.

I've been looking at the 2021 Vizio P-Series X that should be launching any day now & also the Sony 900f/ costco version X90CH


any other recommendations or feedback on these models?



If I were you, I'd try to find an LG C9 or CX OLED 65-inch for that price. I bought my C9 in December of last year for $2099 at Best Buy. Easily the best TV I've ever owned when it comes to picture quality.




Hey bud I'm in the market for that set, can you link me?


Hey bud I'm in the market for that set, can you link me?


Hey bud I'm in the market for that set, can you link me?


At that price, get an OLED. I have one and it's worth the money. I highly suggest buying it from Best Buy & getting the protection plan as they cover burn in and will either give you a brand new panel or tv.

psyact 1

If you're dead set on 75", the Mini-LED TCL is on sale right now at Best Buy for $1500:


It doesn't have VRR or HDMI 2.1 so it's not as future proof as some of your other (more expensive) options, but rtings liked it too:


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Yeah I've been tempted by that model. I'm hoping to see one in person sometime to check out

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Lotta folks saying OLED, so I'll add a word of warning.

I got one of the 2017 LG models, and for the first 2 years it was great. However, I tend to have longer gaming sessions of the same game, and sometimes they have static UI elements. It wasn't obvious at first but burn in crept in and by late 2019 it was evident in every setting and every display type.

It looked great, but be warned if you play a lot of the same game, give it a long break and definitely try to run the pixel saver in the TVs setting after you turn off for the day.

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Iirc, LG OLED burn-in was greatly reduced beginning with 2018 models. I too play similar games for hours on-end, including ED and NMS, and the pixel refresher eliminated the little bit that began to notice early on. Since then I haven't had any. I didn't even need to do the 100 hour burn-in like I did on my old plasma.

There's also a setting I have enabled that that may help somewhat, logo luminance (set to low).

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I’m still running a high end plasma from 2013 and leave CNBC on all day while I work. There’s still no permanent burn in. Kind of crazy.

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I definitely goofed by not getting the extended warranty from BB when I got mine, so between hearing about improved tech and knowing that should be covered makes me more hopeful for a future purchase when the time comes.

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I'm somewhat hesitant to get an oled cause of these type issues

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I wouldn't be afraid of oled burn in with newer models. See https://youtu.be/nOcLasaRCzY

StretchArmstrong74 1

That's why I am leaning towards the Q90T, unless Vizios new line just wows me. I lived through the plasma burn-in stuff and I'm never doing it again.

If you go Sony get the H, not the F model. It has hdmi 2.1 and is getting patched for VRR. You can probably find one close to $2k @75 inch.

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I'm so on the fence about Oled... they do look extremely nice... but I'd like my TV to last along time. Any of these TVs will be a huge upgrade over what I currently have... as long as it doesnt crap out/get burn in

Deactivator2 1

It sucks because it's absolutely gorgeous, playing stuff like Elite Dangerous looked so crisp and clean.

If you get an extended warranty (assuming you buy from Best Buy or similar) it says they do cover things like screen damage through normal use. I would maybe clarify whether that actually covers burn in but that may be the peace of mind you need. But that will also add a decent amount to the overall cost.

Otherwise, just be sure to vary what you play or watch (this goes for things like news tickers), don't leave the screen on with the same elements for more than 3-4 hours at a time, make sure to run the pixel refresher tool weekly (they honestly should just let you schedule it or something). The xbox's own idle dimming feature works pretty good, but some games will keep some UI elements in screen 90% of the time regardless of what you're doing.

Edit: I ended up replacing it with a Samsung QLED which is pretty great, better on the brightness (tv sits in a bright room which I hadn't considered when getting the OLED), but a less crisp on the details and the black/gray uniformity. I would recommend it as an alternative if you were hesitant on the OLED.

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Hisense quantum dot is a great value. Bought a 600 dollar 65” and it looks better than any LED or plasma I’ve ever owned.

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I've seen the Q80T in that price range. Good mid tier set with Freesync/VRR, and HDMI 2.1.

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Since you have a big budget, just my opinion.. I'd probably wait for HDMI 2.1 becoming a standard since XSX supports it. every TV now will be cheaper and obsolete. Everyone said 4K... now HDR... now it's going to be HDMI 2.1...

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I would wait for the Vizio 65" Oled. I believe it's around $2000 and it'll provide much better picture quality than an LCD display.


Yeah I'd definitely get an OLED

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I have the 2019 75" Quantum X and love it, massive step up in picture quality from 2017 M series. I got it for 1600$ and the only thing I miss is HDMI 2.1 which the new one will have and lower input lag

I couldn't find an equivalent OLED for even double the money so I'm not sure why people are suggesting those?

Black Friday Costco deals might be worth waiting for

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Yeah. I've seen amazing reviews. I just don't feel like waiting even though it probably will be out soon

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At that price point... get a LG OLED or Samsung QLED (Series 8 or 9). Vizio is a great for bang for the buck, but not the best in overall quality.

Benefits of OLED: Perfect Blacks. Amazing viewing angle.

Benefits of QLED: Brighter. Slightly better colors.

Check Woot.com. (Its Amazons refurbished website) They currently have very good deals on 2018 QLED models (Q8FN and Q9FN). Yes they are 2 years old... but both of these are absolutely phenomenal TVs. Itll allow you to get a top of the line 75” TV for your price range.

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Don't oleds still have the risk of burn in?


Sure. Burn in is super unlikely for most use cases though.

WaxingJumpdrive 3

Unless you're leaving static UI elements on the screen for hours at a time, it probably won't be an issue. I use my LG B7 as a screen for couch PC gaming and I've got a very barely perceptible corner of a box burnt into the middle of the screen from forgetting to maximize YouTube and watching a few hours of videos without enabling dark mode, but when I say it's barely visible I mean the screen has to be mostly yellow for you to see it.

spidey555 4

Get an OLED for sure, especially when spending $2000. I have an LG Oled and have nothing but great things to say about it.


I second the LG OLED, I own a B9.

I upgraded from a budget 4k and the difference is mind blowing. The TV also has some nice features that I really enjoy.

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I'd worry about brand first then size. Or you'll end up with a 75inch lower spec tv or instead of a 55inch LG or samsung. A 65in LG CX is $2500 and worth every penny.

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Wait and check out the new Vizio OLED that has the LG panel in it

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Unbiased TV Reviews - https://www.rtings.com/

I've had a Vizio P-Series for the past 2 years and I love it. Aside from compatibility with the Xbox One, the ability to use either Chromecast or Apple TV is a huge plus for me.

JakeHodgson 1

I know they already kinda do have this. But I wish that site just had a list of every tv that’s usable for games. And then ranked them like that. Rather than a single budget one, a single high end one, a single performance one etc etc. It’s can be a nightmare trying to get a tv. My tv has been somewhat damaged for a year+ now. And I’ve just been dealing with it because getting a good tv can be a nightmare. Finally find a decent one and then the input lags a little too long to use for games. Or according to the review the colours aren’t as good as they could be. But would I even care? I have no god damn clue lol. I just want a good 4K tv for under like £600

Filthy-Nwah 1


If you click that and scroll down to "All Reviews" (the link might take you straight there) there is a table under that with all of the TVs and you can sort it by "Video Game" score. Not sure if that's what you're looking for but it might help a bit.

JakeHodgson 2

This is pretty much what I want. But is there any way to sort by two categories at once? Like price and game rating? I couldn’t find one

Filthy-Nwah 1

Hmm it looks like you can kind of sort by price at the same time if you click "customize table" and then slide the max price down. It doesn't seem to work completely though because some of the TV models have different sizes that are priced differently.

Type105x 8

4k native 120hz with VRR would be top of my list spending big

eitherrabbit 3


Just bought this and I love it so far. And it checks all those marks.

Type105x 1

Great TV for gaming 👍 super low input lag

Slip_85 9

I wish I lived in the states. All these people talking about OLED TVs in that size for $2k blows my mind. Searching for that here shows them at $6k and up.

segagamer 3

Your economy is different from America's and America don't include taxes in their price listing.

rickybobby952 13

You can't get a 75" OLED for 2k I'm not sure what they are on


I don’t see how anyone can game on a tv that size. I definitely couldn’t do it for a long session. I wouldn’t even want a tv larger than a 55” tbh. I wish the vizio PQX came in a 55”.

rickybobby952 1

It's really a movie theater set up that I also game on

residentialninja 3

In my home theater I tried to keep it close to THX recommended viewing size so that 75" screen is around 13 feet away. You don't buy a screen that large with the intention of sitting close to it.

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The price jump from 65 to 75 inches is also kind of crazy. I'm sure the manufacturing process requires that jump but still, it's like a 40% bump in price.

rickybobby952 2

It's a 33% increase in surface area, 65 v 75 is not a small size difference. Coming from a 65 I'll never go back

thatscoldjerrycold 2

Ha! I'm at. 55 inch and I marvel at the chance at having a 65 inch.