7 years with Mr. Business: What are some of your favorite funny Dan moments/bits?

by gameboyvince. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    10    8

(Referring to moments during GG, not 10MPH.) My favorites include Super Mario 3D World when Dan realized Toad was faster and essentially became drunk with power and trolled him the rest of the series.

Also, I'm listening to that playthrough in the background as I type, and Arin just made a joke about the world ending in 2020, caught me off-guard.


That_Cartoon_Fan 2

Lose a Turn from Wheel of Fortune, my first GG episode. Dan's scream after his 4th lose a turn in a row gets me every time.

carlydoom 3

Just the entirety of Dan trolling Arin throughout shovel knight. Prompted one of the funniest Arin lines in history: “WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME SO”

no-thanks-kids 5

I dont remember what playthrough its from but his list of his friends organized in order of how likely they are to betray him always makes me giggle

KerbalFactorioLeague 2
mantisinmypantis 6

“Wait a minute, you don’t have your car right now.”

“Yeah, I was, um...lying.”

Arretrea93 6

Therr's too many. I can't think of one that doesn't make me think of another, better one...
An infinite loop of funny Dan moments.

I'll just go with his Inifinidagger adventures.
"Infinidagger! Infinidagger! Infini---SHIT!"

BukLouis 8

When he fell for updog.

Man-Toast 10

When he discovers Doki Doki is a horror game is a great moment

Also pretty much all of the Punch Out series. How energetic Dan was was so fun, and watching those helped me get used to the show without Jon