A case of nostalgia hit me

by Afarian. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    5

Am I able to buy Xbox 360 games off the marketplace if I don't have a 360 and play them on my One?


SquashedTarget 1

To blow your mind even more, you'll also be able to play any Xbox one, BC 360 and BC OG Xbox games on the Series X.

Roeche 2

Some of them yeah, there's alot of games that are backwards compatible, you can search for it through the store. If you bought the digitally you might already have it in your library.

  Afarian 2

Yeah, I checked here and all the games I was interested are listed.

DerpTheSherp 3

Of course dude, just look up whatever 360 game u want and it'll be there waiting for u👌

EyeTV 4

If they’re backwards compatible, then yes.