A game about Babylon 5 or it's universe

by DavidKirlewMorris. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    50    21

Does anyone remember Babylon 5? I hope so.

I don't play many pc games nowadays, so I looked into if there was a game about it and it looks like one was never made.

It's a shame because it was an amazing series with a massive following.

I could see a game about B5 itself, or even one that explores the universe it was based in. Perhaps even something centred around the construction and use of a sixth station after it was decided to revive the 'project'.

What do you guys think?


Paul_cz 1

It's called Mass Effect Trilogy.

(I kid, but I saw Babylon 5 few years after I played ME and found it amusing how much of ME was ripped straight from Babylone 5. Oh and Babylon 5 is the best scifi show ever, together with Red Dwarf)

3lfk1ng 1

Babylon 5: War Without End

It's a free workshop mod for Homeworld: Remastered.

The workshop mod Babylon 5: Severed Dreams is still a WIP though.

LirukDatan 1

There is a conversion project for X3AP that turns the game into B5 universe. Released in 2016. You can find it on moddb.com, but you'll still need to get X3AP.

RedSonja_ 1

I think it was wasted opportunity that we never got decent game(s) on that universe, always dreamed something like Wing Commander type game series for Babylon 5.

qa3rfqwef 3

What do you want?


Oh right you already said you wanted a Babylon 5 game...

The first 4 seasons are great, I don't much like or care for the 5th season. Everytime I rewatch I get someway into season 5 and drop out around about the time I see bible hymn singing homeless telepaths...

Hmmm as for a game based around it. I think it would have to be a reimagining for me as the TV show wrote themselves into a corner when they basically explained the major events and how the galaxy would play out for the next several thousand years (so if they were to make a game with a Babylon 6, it wouldn't be very canon and would have to be some kind of alternate reality).

I don't think I would be that interested in just playing out the events of the show, a lot of enjoyment is lost if I know what the outcome will already be.

Anton-Slavik 3

>What do you want?

Never ask that question.

-Tartantyco- 1

I'm sorry, who are you?

pdp10 3

JMS thought the show was going to be cancelled at the end of the fourth season, so wrapped up the story arc early.

I don't mind the 5th season, but there's a certain tonal shift. But there was a shift between first and second season with the change in commander, as well.

Paelmoon 2

And the awful spinoff we don’t talk about.

pdp10 1

Crusade was decent. About average for television SF.

MidgetsRGodsBloopers 3

I've Found Her

supercow_ 2

Loved that show.

trenthowell 2

We did a large Babylon 5 mod for Star Trek Armada 2 many, many moons ago.


Getting it up and running on Windows 10 will be a bitch and a half, but it's there.

EffUtube 2

There is a mod for Ambrosias sharewere game Escape Velocity.

Pretty good space shooter!

Its old tho.

Edit: There is also Star Wars and Star Trek mods aswell.

Lanessar 3

I mean, wasn't the whole plotline of ME3 essentially the last two seasons of B5?

Should scratch that itch - it was nearly identical to the B5 sotryline.

ActionFlank 6

One was partially made, but games typically weren't made from 90s sci-fi dramas.

Was called Babylon 5: Into the Fire. There's a playable bit floating around.

hirmuolio 7

There is Babylon 5: I've Found Her

It is a space sim with full newtonian flight physics. And it is really hard to fly like that.

LKMarleigh 6

Not a game but Sins of A Solar Empire has several Babylon 5 mods, also several other games with mods



KoshOne 15

They are not ready. They would not understand.

paul_thomas84 27

The best Babylon 5 game is the mod for Freespace 2.

It lets you fight the Battle of the Line and other famous battles from the Babylon 5 Universe.


SolidSnakeOil_ 4

Time to rock a Starfury.