Achievement dlc desperation

by ROJASRAM1995. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    17    19

After having played on the PS4 and noticed that the trophies are separated by base game and DLC, do you think Xbox will implement something similar with the series X or not since they haven’t needed to before. Just curious if you think they might do it.




cruelkillzone 1

Because op want to brag on reddit about his achievements. But it's not as satisfying for him with only gs

toekneeg 1

I hope so but I doubt it. It probably would take a huge achievement overhaul to do it.

meezethadabber 1

I haven't seen one person answer your question. Just talk about how trophies suck. And jump to conclusions that you want easy 100%. Yes I would like for them to separate DLC and the main game in the achievements section. It would be nice to see what is DLC achievements and what are main game achievements like on Playstation. I like how on borderlands all the expansion trophies are separated and labeled by DLC.

MrFiskeh 1

Its been 14 years or so, at this point i doubt it. I would like the trophy case back if anything as im not fussed about this shit

Daver7692 5

I’ve been waiting years for an equivalent of the “platinum” so I wouldn’t hold your breath.


We don't need a "Platinum" achievement, we just need a name because 100% is too broad IMO.

Mastered or Omega are my choices.

A_Figueroa 8

Isn’t game completion or 1000gs equivalent to platinum? (Genuine question, I don’t know Sony systems)

SightlessKombat 1

It's not, the platinum is something that you actually earn and can show off to people easily, the 1000g just is a part of your game progress and is harder to demonstrate, arguably at least.

Daver7692 3

The other benefit is the dlc is separated out so if a dlc with trophies is added you don’t lose your “completion” of the base game.

MrFiskeh 2

But its no longer 100% and you dont lose your completion. The 1000gs is still there showing


pretty much, but completion of all trophies earns you the platinum trophy. earning all achievements(1000gs) doesn't give you anything for completing them all

Solokingxrobert 2

> Isn’t game completion or 1000gs equivalent to platinum?

Nope. not all PlayStation games support Platinum.

Filthy_Firestarter 3

I hope not. As a achievement whore myself, if you want that 100% so bad then further support the game and get the dlc. "Platinuming" a game without getting everything is undeserved the way I see it.

ExtraToastyCheezits 1

Exactly! When they add achievements to a game, then you no longer have 100% of the achievements. The only way that I could see something like a Platinum working on the Xbox is to allow a developer to put out something like a Platinum achievement once all achievements are unlocked, but also when they do put out that achievement, lock the achievement list so that no new ones can be added. Because on the PlayStation, a Platinum achievement means nothing since they don't take into account post-launch achievements.

a_scala_case_class 9

I never liked the trophies, I prefer a total number instead


Same. it can get confusing.

NovelOtaku 2

How's it confusing The main system is plats shows you've actually completed games

Solokingxrobert 2

Not all games support Platinum. It's misleading.