Aeons End Expansions.

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I need some help with where to go with Aeons End expansions please, there’s a few things that are confusing to me. This is a little long sorry, I’ve tried looking on here and at BGG forums for these answers but I’m either looking in the wrong places/wording things wrong, or no one else has had a misunderstanding about them. So I have the basic core game (second edition) and 2 of the expansions (The Nameless and The Depths), but I’m a little confused of where to go, going forward. I have a few questions.

  1. War Eternal/New Age. Are these a whole new core game? Is it an expansion like the ones I have? Or something else entirely? Is there any point in buying them if I already own the basic core game, would I be doubling up on some mages and nemeses etc? I’ve seen them spoken highly of in other threads but don’t really understand what they are.
  2. I was looking at pictures of the expansion The Void, and the back of the box looks like it includes the breach mage Xaxos. But I already have Xasos from my core game, only the character art looks different. Have I made a mistake somewhere down the line, or am I looking at a dodgy copy? Or are there 2 Xaxos’? Or option 4 that I have considered?
  3. The art for the nemesis on the back of the Void box I’m looking at is different to the nemeses that I currently own. Is this anything to do with different editions? If I bought an expansion from a different edition, would the art on the back of the cards also be different? If so, that would ruin the game, taking away the surprise of what nemesis card is coming next for example. I’m not very clued up expansions and differences in editions, and I can’t really afford to spend money on a mistake right now! Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you! If there’s a problem I haven’t thought of yet and you think I should know, please feel free to share that also. (Not sure if I messed my formatting up on mobile sorry) EDIT: Questions asked and answered. Thank you :-)


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Aeon’s end has had several waves of expansions. Each has improved the game in complexity.
These come in two forms.
Big box expansions, that bring 5-6 new breach mages and 4-7 new nemesis.
And small expansions. Every big box they release two smaller expansions bringing 2 more breach mages and one more nemesis each.

All aeons end games are combinable, but if you are looking for what to get next I recommend New age. It brings a new way to play the game with expedition mode, where you fight 4 nemesis in a row, they get more powerful, and your breach mages get temporarily more powerful.

Xaxos has been released twice. He has two different sets of abilities as a breach mage

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  1. The material from the different core boxes can be combined together. You will end up with duplicates of some materials, but the core boxes are still the most cost effective way to upgrade.
  2. There are multiple versions of Xaxos, and multiple versions of some other mages as well. Just think of them as different mages that happen to have the same name.
  3. They haven't sold the first edition in a long time so you probably have the second edition version if you bought in the last year. If you do have the first edition.. return it and get the second edition so the graphic design of the cards will match. Even if you have the most recent versions, the graphic design of the nemesis sheets are inconsistent for some reason.
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  1. The other core boxes are similar in content types as the AE box: same number of mages and nemeses, similar amount of market cards etc. However, they're all different from the core box, so you're not doubling up on anything (except for a turn order deck, health and other tokens, and crystals/sparks, although the latter two have new art). The standalone expansions provide a massive amount of new content and they're absolutely a great way to expand you AE experience.

  2. Some mages indeed have multiple versions in different boxes, of which Xaxos is one. They're not the same, they have different abilities :)

  3. I'm not sure about different nemesis artwork, but I do know that the card backs haven't changed designs in different editions, so you can mix and match all of them!
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Thanks for that reply, the Xasos thing especially confuses me but thanks for putting my mind at rest there.

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To understand Xaxos a bit more, there is actually a story in Aeon’s End. You don’t need to follow it to play the game but you catch some characters at different points in the story. So like 1 hr into Skyrim you are trying sword and shield, 10 hours in okay fine I’m doing destruction mage now, 30 hours in... yep, stealth archer again.

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  1. War Eternal / New Age are standalone expansion. Their content is unique.

  2. Different version of the character.

  3. Everything from Aeon's End is compatible. What you'll be getting from each expansions wether big box or not are new market cards, new breach mages, and new nemesis / nemesis cards. New Age introduced a new way to play (sort of a mini campaign).
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Thanks for that, makes a lot of sense to me now.