Aghanim as a Rubick Persona

by aeroctz. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    2

Aghanim should honestly be a Rubick Persona. I know a ton of people would rather have him as a new hero but lore-wise, knowing how strong he was in his own labyrinth, why would be be weaker? There’s already a lot of confusing plot lines in the lore and if you say he was stripped of his power and decided to fight in the Ancient war... that’s Zeus’ lore and it’d seem repetitive. And don’t get me started on making him the new Roshan, honestly the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

Having him as a persona would bring better ties as father and son because most voice lines towards Rubick is mostly taunting him for being his father’s shadow. It’d be really fun to see Aghanim side and what he brings to the table. (Plus Rubick’s spell steal is almost exactly like his father’s spell lock)



This is personal opinion. But I would have to say no to this. I like Aghanim's voice lines but not his model. I didn't think of him as Nature's Prophet's and Dark Seer's offspring with 4 arms. And if it would even be a persona for Rubick, even if I have it, I think I won't wear it. I would prefer actual Rubick's model, even just the default, over his father's look as he looks more unique and better.

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Strenght lore wise doesn't mean poop. You have IO that is everywhere in everything. You have KOTOL light in the universe itself, CK , weaver , Arc warden and then you have little dwarf with a sniper...