AMA: I am Nussoft, creator of Fight Crab. Ask me anything!

by PlayismBryan. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    249    80

Fight Crab launched just yesterday and is currently on launch sale at 10% off!

Fight Crab is a 3D fighting game with a fully realized physics engine. You can control each of your crab's arms separately to attack, defend and even steal your opponents weapons.

There are over 20 crabs to choose from, each with their own unique stats. There are also 48 weapons that you can unlock and use in combat from swords and shields to guns and even jet engines.

The rules are simple, flip your opponent onto their back for 3 seconds to win.

My previous titles include Neo Aquarium and Ace of Seafood, which are both marine organism related shooters.

I am a solo game developer based in Japan, with an almost unhealthy obsession for crustaceans.

Ask me about anything from how I came up with the concept for the game to my obsession with sea creatures!

Also, check out the official weapons trailer for an idea on what kind of action you can expect in game:


Edit: So I think it's time we closed up shop on this AMA, thank you so much for all the questions, it was my first time doing something like this and it was really nice to get to speak to people outside Japan about me and my games.

I am utterly blown away by all the interest in the game since release, and I will continue updating and balancing things to deliver the best gameplay experience possible. Jump on the forums and keep letting me know about what you want to see in the game or if you have any opinions on the game balance etc.

Thanks again reddit, it's been a pleasure!




MrTheodore 2

Lobster is already in the game...

Warborri 1

What were u smoking during development and where to get it?

penthief 2

How long do you think interest in your game will last? I ask because it seems really cool, but definetly one of those games that you buy on a deep discount and dont play it much after the fact. Is there plans foe content to keep ppl playing outside of the standard fights?

Congrats on the release!

  PlayismBryan 3

Thank you!
I will have to have a good look at how the community shapes up first.
There are already like 23 characters and 48 weapons available in game so I would like to see all of them being viable by adjusting game balance etc.

Momo_Kozuki 1

Will there be shrimps or scorpions make appearance as DLCs?

chipsnapper 1


crumpyking 1

how can i work for you >:)?!?!!?

  PlayismBryan 4

If I sell a lot of games and end up needing to hire people then I will be waiting for your application crumpyking.

crumpyking 1

We’ll celebrate at Kani Doraku in Namba!! www

gmroybal 1

Once it's safe to do so, can I buy you a beer? I'm in Tokyo.

  PlayismBryan 5

Not a big drinker but yeah, OK!

gmroybal 2

Great! Yakitori also works. Or crab.

LeSentry 1

Will the Switch version of the game have motion controls for the Joy-Cons?

  PlayismBryan 4

Yes, the Switch version has Joy-Con motion control support.

PressAbeToStart 1

Why Crabs?

  PlayismBryan 6

I think crabs fit this kind of game perfectly, they are flat and stable. Humanoid models on the other hand, when you add physics to them they rag doll hard and tend to fall over and stuff.

srry72 1

When is this coming back to combo breaker?

RustlessPotato 1

Where there drugs involved and why was it lsd ?

MrTheodore 2

The banners in the city level all say "Take Drug" on them >.>

sagethesausage_911 2

This is amazing. Evo mainstage when?

  PlayismBryan 5

Thanks, I guess if everyone petitions EVO then it might happen! If EVO recovers that is...

Big_Poo_MaGrew 2

What are some advanced level tech that a really good player could theoretically exploit?

For example in Smash you have wavedashing which the devs knew was technically possible but not to the extent that pro players do.

  PlayismBryan 5

They are pretty difficult to pull off, but here are a few that I can think of off the top of my head.

Dash Spin: When you dash you float off the ground a bit reducing friction which will allow you to spin faster.

Pole Action: Using a two handed weapon like a halberd you can stick it into the ground to lift yourself up for some tricky maneuvers.

Wall mount: You can back up and climb up a wall, from this position if you dash towards the enemy you may be able to land on top of them or even get behind them.

Beatblockgalaxy 4

how would you feel about an e-sports scene for this game?

  PlayismBryan 11

I would love for it to take off as an e-sports game.

The control scheme is something that doesn't really exist currently in the fighting game genre and i think there is a lot of room for some really high level play. I hope people give it a go and start developing their own fighting styles.

o8643 3

What's your opinion on the Chesapeake Blue Crab? And is it playable?

  PlayismBryan 3

There is a playable Blue Crab, looks pretty cool with a Katana I must say.

o8643 2

Sold! If you ever make it to Maryland, I'd be honored to split a dozen with you.

__mu 3

Thank you very much for creating such unique and joy-filled games with such great soundtracks. My son loves unusual sea creatures and we have played many hours of all of Nussoft’s games. We even unlocked every creature in Ace of Seafood together!

My questions are:

Do you have a favorite deep sea creature?
What is your favorite aquarium in Japan?

  PlayismBryan 5

I'm glad I could bring the joy of gaming to both of you! Congrats on the full unlock!

It would have to be Tasmanian Giant Crab as it is an absolute unit and aquarium would be the Shrimp and Crab Aquarium in Susami, Wakayama (

mispelledyouth 3

If a restaurant presented a meal option from a 1v1 crab duel would you eat the victor or the defeated crab?

  PlayismBryan 13

I guess I would eat the defeated crab first, and buy the victor so I could raise it to become bigger and stronger. No doubt I would probably eat that one too eventually.

johnyisbread 3

What do you think is the best weapon combo?

  PlayismBryan 7

I don't know actually, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if any meta loadouts emerge.

Personally, I like the riding a seal and and Gada mace combo.

MrSigSauer 4

How did you get into game dev ? What did you study ? How long did it take you to become skilled enough to be able to make a game ?

  PlayismBryan 4

I studied Art Engineering at university and got into game development after graduating. It took me about a year to actually be able to start creating games but tech is always getting better and it takes effort to keep up with it. It has taken me 10 years to be able to make something like Fight Crab by myself (exactly ten years since I graduated).

MrSigSauer 1

Thanks for the answer, that's actually quite encouraging !
Your game looks like a ton of fun, I'll be checking it out soon.

Gintaro98 4

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced as a solo developer?

  PlayismBryan 8

Debugging is always a nightmare when you're a solo dev.

Often found myself operating like 4 PCs or Switches at the same time to check the multiplayer features etc.

Kaplet 6

If you had to remake this game with any other type of animal, which would you pick?

  PlayismBryan 6

I can't think of a better creature than the crab for this kind of game, I would probably just make a full roster of original characters to be honest.

BacklogBeast 7

Sorry if this is known from other places: is there a story mode? If so, what inspired your development of it? If not, are there plans for one?

I’ve seen this game a few times peripherally. It seems like something my friends and I would enjoy (just PvP-wise). Just wondering if there is also content for solo play. Thanks!

And, man, I love eating crab. So that also draws me to this game.

  PlayismBryan 11

Yes, there's a solo campaign complete with different levels and bosses for each stage.

Ahaha, a man of culture I see, don't get me started on how much I love eating crab!

harve99 9

What's your favourite stage?

  PlayismBryan 14

Crustacean City. I just love that Kaiju movie vibe that you get rampaging through city streets as giant crabs.

team56th 20

How can I attack its weak points for massive damage?

  PlayismBryan 27

So unlike the uhh "realistic" crabs that appear in other titles, in Fight Crab the crabs don't really have a weak point as such.

A good strategy though is to try and get under your opponent to get some easy hits in on their underside.

team56th 15

My bad, should have known this game is not set in feudal Japan. Good to know that there are still ways to inflict some massive damage. Will definitely try it out!

_-AJ-_ 11

Ps4/Ps5 release?

  PlayismBryan 16

Once the Steam and Switch releases are done and have settled a bit I'd like to work on PlayStation versions. I'd like to see what I can do with those Move controllers.

Vegitorial_Steve 24

What is your favourite crab? Btw love the game, one of the funnest games I've played in a while

  PlayismBryan 26

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it!

My favourite crab visually is the Calappa (named my company after it), taste wise my favourite would be the Blue King crab.

Drazyx 13

Considering the global situation and the socioeconomic disparity dividing us humans. When do you think the inevitable crab uprising will take off?

I mean, I've seen estimates for around 2050 but I really hope it will happen sooner rather than later.

I, for one, welcome our new crustacean overlords.

weezermc78 1

Crab people, crap people, look like crab, talk like people

yogaNugget 18

I just found out that you were involved in Neo Aquarium and Ace of Seafood.

What started your obsession with underwater lifeforms?

  PlayismBryan 30

I was born and raised in Tokyo, but I went to University in Kyushu.

The sea there (the Genkai-nada sea) was breathtaking, so I decided to use it as a base for my games.

dacontag 21

Was there a type of feature or weapon that you wanted to add to the game that just didn't work out and had to be cut?

  PlayismBryan 28

Two handed guns (Assault rifles, gatling guns etc). Aiming gets difficult when you can move both arms independently and if the gun is too long they become totally useless if your opponent rushes you.

AdamWestPhD 3

I have not had a chance to play yet, but what are the chances of a back mounted turret with claw controls?

  PlayismBryan 1

I did think of back mounted weapons, but it interferes when you try to flip a crab over onto its back so I will consider them for later games maybe.

dacontag 5

Ah that makes total sense. Thank you for the reply!

Ryuubu 24

Do these crabs have sentience? Do they have a sense of morality? Do they fight to protect or to destroy?

  PlayismBryan 71

The only justice for them is to win, and to be flipped onto their back is shame. They exist solely to become the strongest crustacean.

Tofusky 47

I live in the state of Maryland in the US and the entire state is probably just as unhealthily obsessed with crabs as you are. Needless to say, my friends and I are pretty excited about this game.

There was a Super Smash Bros tournament here in 2019 and a spectator threw a crab at the winner.

Do you have any plans to host Fight Crab tournaments in Maryland in the future where spectators can throw copies of Smash at the winner instead?

wav__ 7

> Do you have any plans to host Fight Crab tournaments in Maryland in the future where spectators can throw copies of Smash at the winner instead?

As a fellow Marylander, this final question speaks to me on a personal level. I also need an answer to this very serious question.

  PlayismBryan 12

Ahh, I always wondered why I would often see crab shaped Maryland flags, so you eat them there too, I would love to visit.
While to Hungrybox it may have been an insult getting hit with a crab, to Fight Crab players that would probably be an honor.

I guess I would prefer if they served up some premium Maryland crab cuisine to the winner. Wouldn't want anyone to get smashed in the eye after all.

Tofusky 5

Okay now that I have your attention: please add Maryland themed DLC to the game and my friends and I will buy the crap out of it. Make fight crab the official fighting game of Maryland!

o8643 1

Petition to make crab jousting the official state sport.

  PlayismBryan 3

I'm kinda sad now that I can't visit Maryland due to this pandemic :/
Is there any location in particular that you want in the game?

Tofusky 2

I live near Baltimore, so the inner harbor has to be the most iconic location for me. It's got skyscrapers right next to the water, boats, and even a submarine parked next to the aquarium. Would be a cool location for giants crabs to fight to the death.

I know modeling an entire location could be some work, so here are some easier things you could add:

- Maryland flag pole as Polearm/spear You might need to figure out cloth sim for the flag itself though, so actually maybe too difficult still.

- Old Bay seasoning as a sledgehammer. Old Bay is our favorite thing here next to crabs because we can put it on crabs. You might want to change the name in your game a little to avoid legal troubles.

- Blue crab playable character but with Maryland flag on its back

PS: if you ever get to visit Maryland in the future, feel free to shoot me a message :)