Amazon New World : Q&A with the dev team. Week 6/22

by ClaireHilda. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    3

Hello everybody

Here is the weekly Q&A from the week 6/22 ( Published on 06/26 on the official forum ) with the dev teams of New World, answering questions from the community and the current state of New World and its future

I uploaded it in a PDF because Reddit completely ruin the formating ( 23 pages )

Have fun reading and please gives me your thought about it

About New World

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing video game by Amazon Game Studios set to be released in August 2020, with closed beta testing for pre-order purchases set to begin a month earlier, after being delayed from its May 2020 release date and April 2020 beta date. Set in the mid-1600s, players colonize a fictional land modeled after British America in the Atlantic Ocean. Players scavenge resources, craft items, and fight other players. The game will be using a buy to play model,

"Fate has summoned you to the shores of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle. Overcome the brutal legions of The Corrupted and draw battle lines with competing players in this open world MMO fraught with danger and opportunity. In a land hell-bent on your destruction, what will you do to survive? Strike out alone to forge your own heroic path, or band together, fortify, and fight. "

Latest official gameplay video


FearlessTemperature9 9

I played this game on a private beta and it SO bad. It it’s the very definition of generic and soulless.

Bluenosedcoop 2

That's what happens when upper management shit themselves at bad feedback from clueless casual players and force out the lead designer and then get the rest of team to switch the games focus from PvP to PvE with barely 9 months to develop meaningful PvE content.

GaffaCharge 2

Even the name makes it sound like a made up MMO you see in a cop show where one of the players commits a crime against another player.