Any android games with EMERGENT GAMEPLAY?

by Schwipsy. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    5    6

You know, games with dynamic gameplay, not necesarrelly procedural but with a lot of systems that relate with each other like BOTW, Far Cry 2, Dishonored, MGS5, Rimworld. I'm down with also trying emulated games!


heretoxploityou 1

Star Traders Frontiers, Cyber Knights, a dark room or BitlifešŸ˜

mabyesi 2

Genshin impact elements interact with the environment like in botw


yeah game's not gonna run on my phone, but i'm still looking forward to it, since im a honkai fan

rube 2

Wow, first I'm hearing about this game. It looks extremely impressive for a phone game... yet it also looks like they took Breath of the Wild, replaced the characters and the name and that's it!

Okay, so it's not quite that much of a ripoff, but it is exactly the same style, the grass looks like a copy and paste and even the bow "focus" as it aims looks the same.

mabyesi 1

You should see that new game coming to the switch,they didn't even try to make the character in the trailer not look like botw link

TardisDude 10

I write words with the numbers on the calculator.