Any game recommendations for someone new to pc gaming?

by AgaAlsh. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    2    4

I just started gaming on PC really, and I'm trying to find recommendations of what game(s) to get. Especially with the Summer Sale on steam right now. I'm just trying to use $50 right now and enjoy a game or two until later on.

I like big multiplayer games, kind of like Ark where I can play with others. I've never been a huge FPS fan, but theyre alright. Games I enjoy are the ones with quests ect, kind of like MMOs. I was thinking of getting No Man's Sky and Monster Hunter World. Thank you.



Rust is 50% off soooo

Frog_Boy2000 1

Try getting the valve complete pack. It's 87% off right now

twatiliciousx 2

Grab PAYDAY 2 for 1€, it's PvE 4 player Co-op first person shooter.

Wafflulz 2

The Witcher 3 is on sale for $15!