any game suggestion for playing a mage? I would love to feel powerfull with casting magic but I rarely see any game with good powerfull magic...

by num2005. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    10    37

any game suggestion for playing a mage? I would love to feel powerfull with casting magic but I rarely see any game with good powerfull magic...


Last game with powerfull magic I played was probably Dark Messiah of Might and Magic



I don't know if you tried it yet. But Skyrim has some amazing magic mods to use.


I've seen some pretty impressive Skyrim magic overhaul mods but I've never been much of a mage player.


I enjoy the animations and impact of being a mage in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Haven't tried but being a Blackmage in Ff14 online looks good. You basically cast giant aoe spells




Dragon Age: Origins

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I got a game called Lichdom: Battlemage in a humble bundle or something. It's kind of simple, but the only thing you do is cast big spells at enemies.

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Lichdom: Battlemage migh be your kind of game.

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Divinity original sin for sure,
Dragon age isn't bad and has a good storyline to boot

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Torchlight 2 has a mage class called the Embermage. This class has some pretty op builds.

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Dragons Dogma

Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2

There was some indie sandbox game that I'll have to look up thats dirt cheap on the steam store that I cant remember thats physics based but it got that power fantasy down I heard

Outward is more of a open world survival esque game but has a decent magic system that is pretty unique

I have only heard of it but Arx Fatalis comes to mind as well (never played it, might be confusing it for another title)

Skyrim with mods (Combat Siphon lets you do spell combos and started out as a Skyrim VR only mod but is now avaialble for other versions)

Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, Trochlight series

Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2

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Dragon Age series? I was happy with the mage (1st>3rd>2nd) but in the third entry I did play as battle mage which diminish the caster feeling.

I am assuming playing as a Bionic in the mass effect series wont tickle your pickle but I love the series so much I cannot help myself.

Skyrim? I mean, with mods you literally can cast whatever you can imagine xD.

Outward. Its an indie rpg and I had fun playing mage but it is not very spectacular to watch.

Divinty Original Sin!! How could I forget! Awesome spells, real powerful characters when developed. Good combos.

Edit: added DoS games

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For pvp warhammer online (private server is called ror). The Archmage and Goblin Sharman are both very op in the right hands. They can both function has heals, deeps (usually kiting) or hybrid. The Bright Wizard and Sorc also have extremely good burst damage or aoe

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Lichdom BattleMage

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Magika 2 may be.

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You can try a Mage build in Dark Souls, many consider them easy mode.

Also if you don't mind MMOs the mage in Black Desert Online feels powerful and is fun to play.

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Ever since stopping world of Warcraft. Cannot find a good mage or caster design

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Have you played the sorcerer in GW2? Quite a lot of fun.

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I'm in the same situation with Rogue after wow classic. I tried FFXIV but the rogue/ninja was very lacklusture. I want to feel like a selfish bastard, pickpocketing an extra 5 gold per dungeon, topping the single-target DPS charts by a country mile, /laughing at my team as they wipe in a dungeon and I stealth away, waiting for the reset. I tried ESO but Nightblade; the stealth class in ESO is also disappointing and tame.

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Following this thread! Would love to know as well :)

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Sounds like you’re looking for Lichdom: Battlemage

It’s a pretty decent little AA game, CryEngine still delivers

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> It’s a pretty decent little AA game

I think thats generous. The game's selling point is exactly the title of this topic, but it completely and utterly fails at delivering it. The magic system was bad and filled with tedium, and doesn't let you live that mage power fantasy in the slightest. That game was a joke.

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I agree, Lichdom: Battlemage had a terrible launch but once they fixed the performance issues the game is actually really fun. It's totally worth the $10 asking price in my opinion.

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Magicka, better played in local co-op.

You are a group of powerfull mages (some spells are really broken), although it should be noted that the game features a lot of comedy, it is a game you play for the laughts with your friends when you (accidentally or not) kill your friends.

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Pathfinder Kingmaker, magic there is really powerful. Its based on dungeons and dragons, so mages start with few weak spells, but as they gain levels they get more spells and existing spells become really powerful. It also has a kineticist class, a pure area damage dealer.

Pillars of eternity also has powerful magic, similar to D&D games.

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Pretty much any game based on D20 is like this. In D&D the phenomena is called 'linear warriors quadratic wizards'.

Physical combat classes grow in power linearly. Caster classes grow in power exponentially, like a logarithm. They've been fighting this since the game was called Chainmail in like 1982.

They arguably came closest to solving it in 4th edition but almost everyone hated that edition.

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DragonAge Origins and other DnD games(Pillars of Ethernity, Divinity 2 Original Sin and so on)

Gothic 1,2 and 3 tho 3 is broken ass game

Elder Scrolls Online(animations are cool, MMO)

Outward and perhaps Dark Souls series

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Grim Dawn (92%) has an extremely powerful mage class with a vast assortment of AOE abilities and crowd control. Leveling one can be a little squishy at first but once you start to reach higher levels, there is nothing that stands in the way of your abilities.

What's great is that because it supports multiclassing (click the book in the bottom left and combine two classes) there are several Mage disciplines available ranging from Fire, Frost, Electric, Arcane, Poison, Pets, etc) so you can make several different mages that use different schools of magic (not just some bland sorceress).

With Grim Dawn can play offline, online, solo, co-op (up to 4) and it even supports controllers for gaming on the couch.

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thanks I will look into it, it seem a bit like path of exile.

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It's an action RPG just like PoE but it plays more like a spiritual successor to Diablo II.

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I would recommend Fictorum which you can get on Steam/GOG. It has its problems but it is the one of the closest ones to nail the feeling of being a powerful mage.


Magicka. You get access to all 8 elements at the start of the game and there are some ridiculously powerful combinations for you to discover.

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Dragons dogma has really cool mage animations for high level casting. And once u max out a class in this game it’s easy to be OP. This game is HIGHLY slept on

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Those spells are still ingrained in my memory. They were soooooo fantastic

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The tail is severed!

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thank you! but I already played it at release !


Play it again

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You are a real 1 my friend