Any games where you collect characters?

by gatordogg504. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    17

I'm looking for a game where you collect characters. I like Marvel strike force but there dosent seem to be many games like that so I came here. I would prefer online games, thanks.


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also known as "Ad closing simulator"

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Dragalia Lost is a great game, and pretty generous about giving you 5-star characters.

Just be prepared for fifteen minute screenplays between battles. 😁

Neon_Wasteland 1

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle!

Ericko90 2

"Online games where you collect characters"

I don't know how come you have any difficulty finding games like that when there is certainly no shortage of it, unless you're being more specific about the genre / visual.

On top of my head: Arknights, Dragalia Lost, FIRE Emblem Heroes, Romancing Saga Re: Universe

Mantaur12 2

That’s like every game in the entire store. It would be a shorter list to name games that aren’t all about collecting characters like strike force.

Holobolt 2

Have you tried afk arena?

FlyingGiantAnus 1

+1 on this recommendation. You do need patience, as the best units take over a year to build if you're f2p. The devs are great with awesome improvements and new content all the time.

  gatordogg504 1

No but I'll check it out

Holobolt 1

You can collect characters, ascend them to higher levels and watch them fight.

I haven't played it but Neo monsters is free rn , you can collect monsters like Pokemon n fight.

Monster legends might interest you too

  gatordogg504 1

I've played monster legends for a while but I kinda burned out on it

Holobolt 1

Ahh I've yet to play that. I'm currently playing afk arena, and I'm fully hooked on it

robintysken 2

Battle Breakers - download from epic games launcher. Very unique game centered around collecting heroes.

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Tomshoniko 3

Search f9r Gacha games ,there are shitloads around

mabyesi 10

How is your play store not infested with literally just "games where you can collect characters"

  gatordogg504 1

Most of them are anime or raid shadow legends