Any recommendations for something like Among Us?

by verrucagnome. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    0    4

Hi all,

I'm looking for a game that's:

- Fun to play with as a group of 6, using Zoom to chat whilst we're playing it

- Is multi platform e.g. some people on Android/iPhone/PC maybe

- Is easy to set up and stable (not too many server errors or whatever) and the games don't take too long (10 minutes would work great)

- Has the same type of social vibe/who's the impostor type vibe as Among Us - that's not a requirement but it's good fun.

- Free would be nice!

There's a bunch of six of us who've played Among Us a few times and it's great - but we find that it's less fun playing in total silence until the accusation stage, and the games are a bit short. Also a few of us seem to get kicked off the servers fairly regularly despite ping/bandwidth being fine.

Any suggestions?


KfirP 1

It's not fully answers to all the things you ask but I recommend Werewolf/Werewolf Online. It's for mobile only but the UI is much more comfortable than Town of Salem. I personally liked playing Town of Salem on PC rather than mobile.

It's for 16 players tho.

Bang_Hlacks2 3

Epic Mafia. Browser-based, highly customizable games, lots and lots of roles. Has in-game chat that allows whispering directly to other players, and chatting only with other members of your role. You don't run around doing tasks like in Among Us, but the deceit and investigating are better imo.

aspirevx77 6

Maybe play Among Us with your own Discord server running in background?

Xeta24 8

Could try town of salem