Anybody know if I can get the $5 off $30 with a couple games for myself and a digital gift card for my brother?

by Fist_The_Lord. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    2    3

Title. Basically, I was gonna get my brother a $20 gift card and myself Fable Anniversary and Wallpaper engine, but I’m not sure exactly if or how I can conduct that transaction to save $5. Thanks in advance!


disappointingdoritos 1

You can just try it, they tell you if you're getting the discount at checkout

salad_tongs_1 2

It won't let you do that. As far as I can tell you only get the $5 off if you are buying $30 worth of games, not gift cards.

  Fist_The_Lord 2

Damn ok, I can see why it might not as I’d be getting the $5 off for purchasing and then if he threw in $10 he’d get it too. Kind of like double dipping. Thanks for the speedy response!!!