Anyone else excited to see the old Hogs of War made into a miniatures game?

by GriffGlowen. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    0    9

It was a shame this got so little attention on Dice Tower’s Crowdsurfing. I’m sure this game won’t be for everyone as it looks quite light, but my friends and I loved the old ps1 game 20 years ago. Can’t wait to get this to the tabletop! I’m particularly excited to see how much fun chaos the programmed movement of the planes adds to the fight.

I’ll enjoy painting the minis too - I’ve got plenty of projects with super-detailed time-consuming minis it will be quite refreshing to slap some paint on these guys nice and quickly

Hogs of War miniatures game

EDIT I guess I should clarify I have no involvement in the project or any relationship with the creators



It's made more than £100,000. What more do you want. It's funded. It's going to be made. Begging for money when you already have money is disgusting.

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let people be excited for things

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calm down dude i think op is being genuine

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Woah I didn’t think I’d get this response - what’s wrong with my post?

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I believe it’s the classic, sharing any opinion at all on the internet. How dare you!


I felt that it got reasonable attention on Crowdsurfing. To echo the opinions of Alex on Boardgameco, it seemed like an "okay" value with cool polyaminos, but it certainly wasn't a slam dunk in terms of value and just like a lot of "IP" games I didn't know how well this will evoke it on tabletop.

It seemed to do pretty well for itself, and it seemed to get as much attention as someone not specifically advertising on DT with previews gets.

Edit: It's also from a company that seems untried in terms of miniature quality, so that probably brings up some hesitation for a lot of people.

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Yeah it’s true that the value for me was much better because I live in the UK. The shipping costs for most KS games make them much less attractive in the UK.
I was mostly just posting as I was excited to see this IP in a game. It was a shame that no-one on DT had ever heard of the IP

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As a light weight solo gamer I’m geeked for this. I bought the team lard expansion for more solo options.

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I went back and forth on the expansion. So far I have chosen not to get it as I expect to play the game competitively more than co-op but I may change my mind when the PM opens!