Anyone got some good early Source/Steam stories they'd like to share?

by LoveHerMore. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    17    18

I'm getting super nostalgic for the 2007-2009 days of Steam. It was a different time. Anyone got any good stories?

I'll start:

Back when Source mods were all the rage, I used to play one called Zombie Panic Source. I remember joining a game and hearing a guy who was using a Solid Snake soundboard. It was funny...but then it got real when he started responding using sounds that wouldn't be sourced from the original games. It turned out this guy had a stellar David Hayter Solid Snake impression. I mean it was DEAD ON. He would fuck with people by using standard quotes, then he would say more and more personal stuff to other players until everyone realized it wasn't a soundboard. Some were convinced it was David Hayter himself. The whole server would erupt in laughter whenever the guy said anything. His name was snaketits. I added him on Steam and would join any server he did just to hear his perfect SS impression. He never ever broke character too. He always talked as Solid Snake. He even had his own Steam Group called "snaketits is god" as he had a cult following. One day he just stopped signing onto Steam. Hope you're doing well snaketits, thanks for all the laughs.


mattdart86 1

I recall the Steam friend list being offline more than online the first year or two after release. Wasn't a big deal at the time since most of us used mIRC and teamspeak to communicate.

I also remember the first non-Valve game to launch on Steam being some weird 2D Kung-Fu fighting game.

Boooboooo 1

Ragdoll kung fu was ahead of its time.

CatOfTechnology 2

Can't call it good, but I remember trying to download Ye Ole Half-Life 2 on the grandparents DSL and waiting a solid DAY only to find out that my little sister had been hogging the internet playing WoW Classic.

I had saved up. Like, a months allowance to get the game and did a whole bunch of extra chores to convince them to let me use the card.

Simpler times.

LateLJ 3

Downloading HL2 with 52k modem, oh the times.

FineSkinLeather 4

I remember when the Steam UI was olive drab, which seemed so appropriate for how much CSS I was playing at the time.

I bought the old "bronze" pack that bundled HL2 and CSS with my dad's credit card.

I do miss the old UI.

abacabbmk 5

Everyone was pissed they were forced into using steam.

Couldn't brag to others about my sweet WONid any more either.

archlinuxmydude 1

Now they can brag about that sweet 4 and 5 digit Steam ID number.

abacabbmk 1

i was so against steam that i delayed making an account for so long... mines not as leet as my friends' :(

archlinuxmydude 1

I didn't make an account until I bought HL2 in 2004.

jetriot 5

I remember how much hate Steam got for its online DRM format and how controversial Orange Box was at the time.

I refused to buy in for awhile and now I've spent enough on Steam to buy a nice car.

GameStunts 5

Back in the 2000s I owned a computer shop, and during the run up to the release of Half Life 2, ATi (Radeon) were including Half Life 2 steam codes in their graphics cards. We ended up with loads of spares via RMAs etc, so we all had copies ready to go.

Half Life 2 of course got leaked and then delayed, but they released Counter Strike Source and one map, De_Dust. It wasn't much but, it was enough. It was enough to see the networked physics at work. Grenades now caused objects to go flying. Bodies ragdolled, blood looked 3d and had shaders and stuff.

Eventually people started getting into hammer and porting some of the old favourites. To this day I preferred the fan made port of De_Aztec to the one that eventually ended up in CS Source.

As /u/Qu1etMan pointed out, Half Life 1 modding was probably the most fun I'd had. In 1998 I bought my first computer, and it wiped me out financially for a long time. Those mods were like free games, and some of them were complete multi-hour experiences, some were different multiplayer modes etc.

I played a lot of Sven coop, TFC, early counter strike, and tons and tons of single player mods, including one that had you teleported to an alien ship or something.

Qu1etMan 12

The HL1 mod era was probably the most fun I ever had gaming. VampireSlayer, Science & Industry, CS, DoD, and Natural Selection were all amazing multiplayer experiences. I would spend most of my free time in my highschool computer classes visiting planethalflife looking for news on mod updates or new releases. I also remember hating steam when it first came out and replaced WON mostly just because it was different.

wheelerman 1

TFC, Sven-Coop, The Specialists, and Firearms were really amazing as well. With respect to DoD, I particularly loved the really early betas--they had a very different feel to them.
I also used to love all of the janky and obscure Half-Life mods like Scientist Hunt, The Opera, Gang Wars, WANTED! HL team deathmatch, and so on. And chances were there would at least be a few servers up playing them.
It really was an incredible era of PC gaming. There was just so much interesting stuff to experience made by random modders on the internet. Of course professional studios were making amazing stuff as well (Thief 2 is still my favorite game) but for most of the late 90s and early 2000s I must have spent 95% of my time just playing free Half-Life mods anyways--and it's not like I didn't have the money to buy games.
I kind of wish the same thing could happen for VR with a good Source 2 SDK. It's a nascent medium but there's tons of opportunity for experimentation with mechanics, and the hardware, while still early, is rapidly improving. In many ways it reminds me of the super early (pre-Half-Life) days of PC gaming, but with a bit more advancement I could see a similar sort of dynamic forming for this medium--another "golden age"

jeremynsl 2

Absolutely I remember hating Steam when it replaced WON. I believe I pre ordered HL2 and at that point had to actually install Steam to play it. It’s amazing how far Steam has come and how it’s the “beloved” standard in PC gaming.

Radamenenthil 3

Oh boy, Natural Selection, VampireSlayer, such memories! Funnily enough, I was just browsing my own steam profile, 15 years of service.

I miss ESF though

abacabbmk 4

I think this was the golden era for me as well

3lfk1ng 4

With a list like that, how could you forget Sven Coop? haha.

What's crazy is that it's the only original HL mod that is still receiving regular updates.

I too remember hating Steam when it was first released. It's come a very long way...

Qu1etMan 1

Yeah I totally forgot to add that, but honestly I didn't get really into sven co-op until years after that released and felt like I'd missed the boat on that one.