Anyone miss the old naix

by me89xx. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    161    41

The hero dont feels like lifestealer, his pasive was a monsteer vs tanks. Now feels like a agi carry whit not damage



I don't. This one is more fun, so much attack speed and movement speed. Ult is so good to get out of the dangerous situation and get in after u are fully healed up in 10 sec. That to me sounds way stronger than any earlier version of naix.


So now he's Slark.

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le reddit has downvoted you for having an opinion

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Just reddit things, I don't mind...

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I miss the old Lich. When you could singlehandedly win a lane with Sacrifice.

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I do miss sacrifice but I can say that the new style of Lich is also a total blast.

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I think they should partially restore the old skill, mix and match with the current one. Like a slider at 50%


How "old Naix" are we talking about. Dont get me wrong im a old and old dota player so i remember the first stage of dota and how Naix was in that early stage of the game xD

To answer this question i miss the old Naix , every old was good or feels better than this one at least to me. All have a great day be well and stay safe!

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Yeah i play since ti2 and still remember the old hc. Phantom lancer was a monster whit after rework, same as bs whit the ultimate silence, that shit counter every caster, the sniper mini bash and the old techies


Why do you consistently spell "with" as "whit" ?

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he's clearly a British peasant

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I prefer the new PL as opposed to the old PL. I think that's an example of a rework that made a lot of sense clearly making a difference between naga and PL (for those that don't know: PL's illusions used to last for ages).

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Good ol' kotl PL. doppelwalk one lane, tp another then get kotl summoned lol.

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that he had invis as well was just bizarre.

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remember the slark ult? He used to just be invis in the middle!

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I really miss his old passive, it really made him chonk into people and he had presence the entire game, now he's super item dependant and it feels like you're playing the items more than playing the hero.

This is my scrub brain saying how I feel so don't take this as fact, but lifestealer's tactics like his infest ultimate feel a lot more like cheesy gimmicks than legitimate strategies when it comes to execution, so when your team doesn't work with you (provide another proper core that synergizes with his ult), he feels so weak compared to how he used to just rip chonks out of the enemy without needing external support unless you're trying to escape or stealth into a kill.

He could just run up to enemies and rip them to pieces, and now he's just not that scary.

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Used to crumble people with passive, now tickling.

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His attack damage is atrocious.

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I agree. Was excited at first due to the Maelstrom / Basher procs but I have not found any build that does not sacrifice Tankiness for DMG and since you lack the spells for a quick initiation to do burst you either end up being squashed or surviving in fights but doing so little dmg that is are ignorable. Also the new Rage sucks.

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Agreed, his farming relies a lot on items and needs to snowball before doing some damage.

DeathOnion 2

No I don't miss "1 attack per second or force yourself to rage just for attack speed" naix

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Lifestealer is complete dumpster right now and it's a shame. He lost a lot of things with the change, mainly being his damage output. That being said, I am quite happy that he is more based on attacking quickly, but he needs something to fix his poor damage output.

The main thing that hurts him is that before he received attack speed from Rage and damage from feast. Now nothing gives him damage and he only gets attack speed.

I've thought of a few potential solutions to help bring him back.

  1. Feast deals a % of max health like it used to (half current value to make up for the attack speed).
  2. Rage gives him the ability to deal % damage while it's active.
  3. Open Wounds allows lifestealer to deal % damage on whoever it targets.
  4. Open wounds is undispellable and dispels (nullifier effect). Probably too broken though.
  5. Make Feast an orb attack which retains its current passive component but allows using mana to deal % damage. Something like 2/3/4/5% for 40 mana or something.
  6. Simple stat gain increase. 2.4 strength is dogshit and his starting damage is too.

    Any mix of these, or even just one would be a start.
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Old naiz with passive poisont DOT and avatar ulti?
Those were the best days of naix

zest3k 13

yeah, and now rage feels like a shitty blade fury. +60 attack speed and a free morbid mask isn't enough to make a hero into a good carry.

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Is he lifestealer any more? Old feast damages opponent and heals himselfs for some amount , justifying the name stealer. If his damage is independent of the heal amount, he is a just a random self healer.

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I was playing when Naix had ultimate BKB for 20 seconds i belive and all other spells was passive. I was thinking about old w3 dota maps. I can't remember exactly but something like that. But i don't thing you think about this old naix, but again you bring back some memories that's why i mentioned. Thanks

Vespener 2

Yeah, I was thinking the same!

Wilde999 12

i think they just need to buff his base damage a bit its a joke right now, but otherwise he's more balanced than before

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I miss the old naix, kill all the tanks naix.

Lifesteal all day naix, ain't scared of tanks naix.

DontPlanonCommenting 2

I gotta say at the time I’d like to play naix.

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I liked LS the most when Radi+Solar was the best build on him

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he hits like a kitten

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Yeah, Old Nai'x was like: Get Armlet and go kill.
New Nai'x: Farm items to have any impact at which point the enemy carry is already stronger than you. Sure fast attack speed but you hit like a wet noodle.

Amrlsyfq992 1

i didnt play naix for too long and decided to play naix last week, didnt know he was badly nerfed and the damage he dealt as you described, a wet noodle...

ForShortc 70

Naix before: huuuuum, a fat beef, i like it.

Naix now: sh*t the doctor said I have high cholesterol ...

N1koooooooooooo 89

Yeah I agree. He feels like a generic XYZ hero now. I don't know man but I feel like Naix's old passive was what made him special and unique..

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Nothing felt better than being at 100 HP and ripping apart a 5k HP pudge

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gg. that feeling when you're armlet deso with 100 damage and turn around to fight and kill tanky hero. Naix from 1-100 while the enemy goes 100-0 ez

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He is a creep with fast attack speed and spell immunity

HeavensRequiem 33

his wc3 model was that of a creep xD