Anything else like Pascal's Wager?

by Caidezes. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    8

While it definitely has its share of problems, Pascal's Wager is the only mobile game I've come across that's actually a "real" game. Are there any non-ports that are similarly full experiences?


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PW is a rare breed. If you're looking for similar genres that are as polished as PW then you're SOL right now imo. Mobile gaming is mostly gacha, grinding, pixelated and cutesy nonsense. I swear most mobile games might as well be flash games.

A new dlc is coming to PW though, so just hold on a little longer.

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Game ports by beamdog such as Baldur's Gate saga, NWN and Planescape torment.

Also Titan quest and Xcom etc...

Linkme: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, Titan Quest, Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition.

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Dead Cells is a port and 2d but its amazing

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There are dozens of "real" games in the store. What are you actually trying to say?

You want some game recommendations for specific genre? Then please describe what genre should it be.

If you want games similar to PW, please define what elements of this game are you interested in. There are no 100% clones.

  Caidezes 3

I did state what I'm looking for: titles that feel like full experiences rather than half-baked projects like most mobile games. Genre doesn't really matter.

If you require specifics, then any non-port 3D title with good gameplay and engaging story that isn't particularly hampered by its price/monetization or hardware limitations.

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Well, there are not too much Android-exclusive games. Most of them are implemented in other platforms as well, so should be considered ports. Besides, all good 3D games are hampered by hardware limitations (PW is no exception).

Linkme: Grimvalor, Dead Cells, Cat Quest, Oceanhorn, Brothers: A tale of two sons, Ravensword: Shadowlands, Battle of Polytopia, Samurai II: Vengeance, The Shadow Sun, Neon Chrome

It's hard to give advices about nothing in particular...

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Grimvalor - 4.5 rating - Free with IAP - Search manually

Dead Cells - 4.7 rating - $8.99 - [Search manually]( dead cells)

Cat Quest - 4.7 rating - $4.99 - [Search manually]( cat quest)

Oceanhorn ™ - 3.8 rating - Free with IAP - [Search manually]( oceanhorn)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - 4.1 rating - $2.99 - [Search manually]( brothers: a tale of two sons)

Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG - 3.8 rating - $6.99 with IAP - [Search manually]( ravensword: shadowlands)

Battle of Polytopia - A Civilization Strategy Game - 4.4 rating - Free with IAP - [Search manually]( battle of polytopia)

SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE - 4.4 rating - $0.99 - [Search manually]( samurai ii: vengeance)

The Shadow Sun - 4.1 rating - $0.99 with IAP - [Search manually]( the shadow sun)

Neon Chrome - 4.9 rating - $6.99 - [Search manually]( neon chrome)