Are there any good ARK alternatives?

by uppercase-letters. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    3    20

After playing the game on a good system and it failing to run at 40+ FPS while I bug our the whole time I can say I hate it.

Any good alternatives?



Dino crysis ... Thank me later

pcgamereater 1

Official server? Splatter paint on a wall and watch it dry for a similar gameplay experience

TheSnowKeeper 1

Omg. Same! I wanted to like it so badly but it's unplayable!

  uppercase-letters 1

I loaded it up for the first time in 2 months today to see if I was exaggerating and it got worse! I assume the summer update but the game is so laggy and broken.

TheSnowKeeper 1

Last time I tried it I spent 90 minutes fighting with bugs, crashes, and infinite loading screens. Never played again

randobilau 1

Conan Exiles, Astroneer, 7 Days To Die, Rimworld, and Scum

Bedlemkrd 1

7days to die, modded minecraft either atlauncher or twitch mod packs, project zomboid with friends, the forest?

  uppercase-letters 1

I tried getting into the forest and it was pretty cool. RLCraft is extremely confusing and annoying but I haven’t tried the others, thanks for the suggestions :)

Traffalger 1

Playing on pc or console? Official or private server? If PC is it Installed on a HDD or SSD? (Huge difference!) What resolution and graphics settings were you using? What are your system specs? All can make a huge difference to how the game runs and plays.

xKiller007x 1

If you're looking to swing away from the taming process i can recommend either rust or if you're looking to get into a not so saturated toxic community check out Scum. Its pretty fun. Better with friends as most games are nowadays and you get to shoot pew pew zombies and build freely and what not. Its a nice alternative (I've been hooked recently) also way off topic of ark, check out rimworld.

Ballistica 4

Grounded feels very similar to me but more polished. Not much content currently though.

  uppercase-letters 1

I was looking into that one. I’ll follow it thanks :)

-SammyP6- 3

rust, minecraft on faction servers

ive also heard grounded is like ark, but i haven't played it yet as it just launched as early access

Diridibindy 1

+1 for rust.

Traffalger 6

Conan exiles is a decent alternative. However after a while you experience everything and I usually go back to ARK....

GameStunts 3

> I usually go back to ARK....

Dude, why the fuck does ARK have this pull? It's poorly optimised, laggy, the animals don't have clever attacks or anything they just run at you and it's a DPS battle.

I have 1500 hours of a love/HATE HATE HATE relationship with this game.

The last time I played I was tired of friends who would start a game then just stop logging in, or I'd end up doing all the animal maintenance and stuff just for them to log in have some fun and fuck off.

So I tried playing on a server solo, built up a huge arsenal for weeks and just ended up blowing the lot when someone raided one of my buildings, and I quit, for like the 6th time.

Then fucking recently I found myself thinking about that feeling of building a first hut, taking the first Pteradactle... God I don't want to install it again...

Isaacvithurston 2

Human psychology. Like playing hardcore in Diablo 2 or PoE, your brain gives you more serotonin as a reward when you know you can lose those rewards.

Traffalger 2

I play unofficial private servers with mods and friends. Rates are adjusted to be fair yet challenging. It’s installed on a SSD and I have no issues with lag, crashing, or the dumb pvp bs of official servers. I have played over 1k hours and it is still is one of my favorite games. Sucks that you had a bad experience, and no it’s not perfect. It has bugs and poor optimization.

We seem to have had very different overall experiences. Did you play pcr or console?

GameStunts 2


I did have better experiences on private servers (in fact I made my own cluster at one point) the lag bubbles I'm referring to are network based from official servers. I've been running SSDs exclusively since 2015.

I've maybe not conveyed myself well, I feel anyone who plays a game for 1500 hours clearly liked it, I think maybe my bad experiences are more player based (and official server based). :-)

HaroldSax 3

>Dude, why the fuck does ARK have this pull?

Because despite all the issues it has, the survival genre in general is pretty weak. ARK is one of the best, which says a lot more about the genre than the game, in my opinion.