Azul - missing entire tile bag

by cur10us_ge0rge. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    6    24

I bought a copy of Azul off Ebay from a buyer with a good score (1 bad out of 60 reviews in the last year). Says the game is new. It came shrink wrapped and nothing punched out. Everything else seems normal (although I have little experience spotting counterfeits).

But the entire bag of black tiles is missing. Is this something I raise with the Next Move Games or do I try to return it to the seller on Ebay?



Probably counterfeit. Return to seller and buy from somewhere not eBay or Amazon.

dontmentionthething 1

I had a similar problem with my copy of Azul. I was missing a few tiles of various colours. I sent a quick note to Next Move, and they put replacements in the mail with no fuss. Great support from them.

  cur10us_ge0rge 1

That's great to hear!

grampipon 2

Azul has black tiles?

  cur10us_ge0rge 1

Yeah. The ones with the blue design.

LintLicker722 3


grampipon 1

Where? I can't recall a black tile anywhere in the game.

tundalo 1

The five colors of tiles in the original Azul game are black, turquoise, blue, red, and yellow

LintLicker722 3

Man idk now I feel like I’m confused haha I assumed the black with blue sorry

this is what i was thinking

grampipon 1

My mistake, I remembered them as dark blue.

tundalo 1

Yep you were right! There are black tiles that have a turquoise pattern printed on them

SnackeyG1 2

Assuming legit copy then contacting next move would be where I would go. Usually wouldn't expect that much to be missing but I'm sure it happens.

  cur10us_ge0rge 1

I went ahead and did that. I'm hoping they'll get back to me soon. And that they ship to the UK.

NoxiousDogCloud 3

I'd return it to the seller.

Niveama 4

I guess it might depend on where in the world you are.

In the UK you can simply return it and get a refund all at their expense.

Or if you prefer you could try and contact Next Move.

It is most likely just a packaging error.

  cur10us_ge0rge 1

I am in the UK. I didn't know that was a law.

Niveama 2

IANAL but it is covered by "Distance Selling" basically as it was an order online instead of in person you can return for any reason and if there is a fault they have to cover postage as well.

  cur10us_ge0rge 1

That's great to know, thanks!

L_Moo_S 1

Set up a return with buyer, if they don't do anything with 7 days eBay will step in

qret 6

Do you mean the little bag holding 4 black scoring cubes?



  cur10us_ge0rge 2

No, the bag with the 20 black tiles.

ShelfClutter 2

oh geeze! I've had broken components.. never this!

  cur10us_ge0rge 1

I'll definitely update with what Next Move says. :)