Battery packs

by Kev8294. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    7

Think Microsoft will actually produce a decent battery pack or actually include it in the controller like every other company im on my 5th and this ones done as well


VolitarPrime 1

Rechargeable AAs are superior to proprietary battery packs.

flysly 1

I've been using an Insignia charging station for years. Plugs right into the Xbox and comes with 2 battery packs. They charge fairly quickly and last a good amount. Was only $10.

icedearth15324 3

Get rechargeable AAs then.

FancyKilerWales 7

They don’t use built in batteries on purpose. Internal batteries degrade and can be a pain in the ass to replace. And I’ve never had a problem with battery packs, first or third party. Maybe try rechargeable batteries

  Kev8294 1

Might have a look cheers just a pain the now I dont over charge either just depletes rapidly

Daver7692 4

Exactly my biggest issue with the DualShock 4 is the battery life starts out poor and only gets worse, I’d rather have a replaceable pack or a pair of re chargeable AAs.