Battlestar galactica deadlock

by Jooberbob. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    17    12

Anyone reccomend this game? I played star hammer but im not sure uf this holds up


GeckIRE 1

Great game, and at the end of each mission it plays a cinematic of your entire battle, somewhat like a movie battle. Would definetly reccomend.

teutonicnight99 1

Really good game and gotten a ton of updates. still getting them.

Biggu5Dicku5 1

Its good, if you like Battlestar Galactica :)



  Jooberbob 1


Ranger33 2

Much better than you might guess. Especially with some of the DLC that adds a lot of additional ships and weapons. Has good BSG style story stuff and both the tactical and strategic layers are interesting to play.

  Jooberbob 1

Picked up the base game which dlc do you reccomend? And is there a way to have more ships on field bc the limit is low the game could be insane with like 20 ships at a time

FortunePaw 1

Every DLC is recommended, each of them has a self contained mini-campaign.

Higher ship count is in the developer roadmap, which will be an update in the future.

  Jooberbob 1

That sounds great ill be looking forward to it

Ranger33 2

I would start with the Broken Alliance and Reinforcement pack for sure. They expand and flesh out the core campaign. The other ones are separate campaigns, though you can carry your fleet forward into them.

The game has a big storyline with recurring characters that ties all of the DLC together.

Your fleets can get bigger as your officers level up, but never anywhere near 20 for the humans.

  Jooberbob 1

Ill be checking it out

FortunePaw 5

Thou that was only the 1.0 version. The dev improved a ton with the latest patch and dlcs.

ZeroBANG 5

I played it some time ago, was fun, would recommend.
I should probably go back and play all the DLC.