Beat Your Backlog! Weekend Thread - June 27, 2020

by AutoModerator. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    2    4

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Welcome to the /r/pcgaming weekly Beat Your Backlog! thread. Are you like the rest of us and just have too many unplayed or barely played games in your library? If you answered yes then this the right place for you! The rules are simple: You provide us with 10 games from your back log and the community tells you what to play by commenting. Whichever game gets the most combined upvotes and comments is the game you play! Once you're done with the game edit your comment to say so and then come to our community Discord and talk about it! What this post isn't for:

  • Arguing about which games you think are better than the others.
  • Game suggestions to build your back log. That is the opposite of what we're doing here!


drozzi007 1

Looking to play a relaxing, walking sim/adventure, no stress, no enemies/fighting, exploration game with a decent story. Liked Dear Esther, played Tacoma last night (was enjoyable), even a short stroll like Nephise/Nephise Begins were pleasant. My options:

11-11 Memories Retold
The Fidelio Incident
The Guest
The Norwood Suite
Through the Woods
Last Day of June
AER Memories of Old

Thank you and good evening.

Adamarshall7 2

Try Firewatch! Also Outer Wilds (don't look up much about this one, everything is a spoiler.) but that one is a bit more stressful at points.

drozzi007 1

Thanks for the suggestions, they are on my wishlist. I ended up playing Abzu instead and it is perfect for my mood. About halfway through, taking my time, enjoying the serenity.

Adamarshall7 1

Oh I played a couple of hours of that on PS4 a while ago. Beautiful game, I should really get back to it. Enjoy, friend.