Besides COD, what other online games doesn't care about toxicity?

by runnbl3. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    35

just curious, i wonder why cod never really tacked the toxicity problem. like not even a report button for toxic. Yet nowadays in most recent gaming, theres always that option to report someone because his being toxic.



CSGO, League, sometimes overwatch...

They’re all pretty trash

  runnbl3 1

wat? all those games gets you banned for being toxic


My b I don’t play them just always hear people bitching

that_pie_face 2

I quit playing overwatch when I swapped to PC, but at least on console it's damn near impossible to get banned for toxicity or I assume I would have gotten at least one.


League of Legends


Not true I was banned for abusive text. RIP ElectricSex
But honestly getting banned from that game felt pretty good. The crack itch was gone. No more people trolling me in jungle. New games


The game Dark Souls encourages toxicity

ClowishFeatures 1

Not true. No mercy should be given in dark souls


You're agreeing with me

ClowishFeatures 2

No. Toxicity is shitty behaviour for shittiness sake.

Edit: are you a 'LeT mE wIn' player?


You just described the entire PVP player base of Dark Souls

ClowishFeatures 2

I've never had a salty message by salty players. Maybe you are the toxic one friend...


Are we even playing the same game? Ever seen those assholes using the Crucifix, Lothric Strait Sword, or ringed Knight twin swords?

ClowishFeatures 3

Ah so you're pissy because other players have better weapons than you. Good one.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege


thats the game that bans you for typing nibba in the chat, they care a lot, too much even, cheaters may be banned way more often but toxicity is still banned for often.

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whats cartman’s superhero name?

ViveMind 1

I haven't had so much fun Tk'ing since I used to toss sticky's on warthogs back in the Halo CE days.

CptRQ 2

Toxic af man.


You don't have time to be toxic in Modern Warfare.

The chat box is also barely noticeable so I tend to ignore it in multiplayer.

Only thing that irks me a bit is the amount of Trump supporters in the game.


I think they do it because they know most people hate trump so they do it to troll


I've never heard the N word more than in Call of Duty. It's full of morons.


first time outside of your safe space?

b1gfreakn 2

Not at all actually, I've been playing Call of Duty since the first release around 2003. I just think the game has attracted these edgelord dumbasses who think saying the N word is super cool and must do it in each lobby. Being called a racial slur is just not something I'm into.

Is that okay with you?


im used to being trash talked since cs 1.3 lans so theres not one insult that i haven't heard

tbh when someone calls me the n word i feel like i won already

b1gfreakn 1

I never said I was fragile, bud, been gaming a long, long time. These kids just have weak, toxic insults is all. Would like to hear something original for once, rather than the N word for the thousandth time.


you just seem extremely bothered about the N word thats all

b1gfreakn 2

sorry for the inconvenience, I guess.

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im not sure if you ever played mw, but people use their mics lol

vermillionmask 3

I might have had voice chat automatically muted. Also, probably helped that I never wore a headset so I wouldn't know how people spoke in matches.

Travy93 3

The chatbox isn't that noticeable but all the console players screaming down their mics are. Maybe you've disabled it and I wouldn't blame you.

DustyGaming370 1

Hearing people rage is literally my favorite part of the game.

vermillionmask 1

Yea, I guess I was completely clueless about the toxicity since I never wore a headset in mw.

Overwatch was a different story though.

DaHedgehog27 1

Tarkov, Rust.

pmc64 2

There's a report option for offensive language and offensive content. Didn't you hear Modern Warfare cured racism.