Best $1 games to buy this sale

by VaishakhD. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    27    38

Really short of cash this steam sale and would love to know which $1 dollar games are the best to get. Thinking of getting the sonic game. Would love to know your suggestions.


BombkinTheBomb 1

If your welling yo spend 2
$2 more castle crashers is good

Khaldaan 1

Hard Reset is $1.49 at the moment and is an excellent game.

KingTemplar 1

Sonic, plants vs zombies, baloons tower defense (5 or 6), creeper world.

I have all of these but Sonic and probably have a total of 400+ hours in them. 100 hours for a buck isn’t bad.

Leo_9000 1

Payday 2

phonepotatoes 1

Half-Life 2 is like 1.50

Best story shooter ever made. (Titanfall 2 maybe better but it's close)

Jondycz 1

Summer sale simulator. - 39¢

Floris555 2

Payday 2, btd 6

DiceDsx 1

Hi, I'm interested in Payday 2. A few questions:

  • Is the base game worth it for offline single player?

  • Is there stuff like missions and/or weapons exclusive to the online section, like Monster Hunter? Can you do online missions alone?

  • How long does it take to finish everything in single player?
Floris555 6

Only for offline single player? only if you really like the stealth. Stealth is more fun alone than with randoms, while loud (guns blazing) is not. About 1/2 - 3/5 of the missions can be done in stealth.

You can play every mission in both online and offline, if you start an onine mission, you can close the lobby so noone can join. No guns are excluded to offline play, a bunch of guns however are behind a paywall. As well, a bunch of missions are DLC and require you to buy that to host a lobby of that mission. However, you can join someone else's lobby of that mission and play it like that, without owning tht DLC.

There is a single player campaign, but its just every mission in the game put in a 'chronological' order, to finish that, which should be 70 missions, on a lower difficulty, shouldnt take much longer than 30 hours.

And to conclude, the game is meant to be played coop, and more fun like that for sure. If you have any more questions or anything in here isn't clear, feel free to ask.

DiceDsx 3

Thank you very much for the info!

KlausBubby 2


variablethisisknife 5

Hand simulator

HelloThere00F 3
  • Boris and the Dark Survival
  • Payday 2
  • PvZ GOTY
  • Half Life
  • Bloons TD6
  • Sonic Generations
fryedchiken 3

Every sale someone asks this, and it always is FTL, granted it is 2.50. But I think it's still worth it

DiceDsx 3

One Way Heroics

ThoughtfulKermit 4

Do you have the portal games? If not, I'd like to gift you them

  VaishakhD 1

Are you still doing it?

  VaishakhD 2

I don't, would love to have them. Thanks kind redditor !

ThoughtfulKermit 1

Shoot me a message with your steam profile here on redditos

  VaishakhD 2

Sent you a message on chat

shaubham_pan97 3

I am on the same boat as you.. I am buying Polybridge. Its less than $1.

Edit: Also Bloons TD 6 , Refunct , Resident Evil Revelations 2 , The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut , Just Cause™ 3

luisninja112 10

payday 2

salad_tongs_1 15

Garfield Kart

Capy__ 6

BTD6 is $1.50 Australian so like I think that's around $1 USD lol

SlashBlack 16
Lansan1ty 2

Super Hexagon is amazing. I've beaten 5/6 difficulties. I just cant clear the last one.

mbo13 3

Geometry Dash is good one.

TheBickyMonster 7

Well that's a fantastic site isn't it! Thanks for the link.

47617262616765426f79 8

Steamdb is miles ahead of other steam aggregators. Everything you could want is there.

Azure_Fang 10

Here's my personal selection from the SteamDB link provided by u/SlashBlack

  • Super Hexagon - Brutal reaction game. Good for torturing one's self.

  • Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition - I don't want to know how many hours I've sunk into this game between PS3, off-Steam, and Steam releases. Only downside to getting this great tower defense is you're giving EA money.

  • Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition - The first, and arguably best, Deus Ex in the franchise. Graphics are extremely dated, but there are mods for that if you don't care about the original experience.

  • Super House of Dead Ninjas - Surprisingly good speed platformer. Bit on the brutal side at times.

  • Shatter - Not the most innovative breakout clone, but worth a buck.

  • Divine Divinity - First game in the Divinity franchise. A bit clunky at times, but a solid RPG.

  • Before The Echo - Formerly known as Sequence, before a copyright troll sued for the name. DDR-style rhythm/RPG hybrid with music by Ronald Jenkees.
DiceDsx 2

> Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition - The first, and arguably best, Deus Ex in the franchise. Graphics are extremely dated, but there are mods for that if you don't care about the original experience.

Friendly advice: immediately download Kentie's Launcher and the files for DX9/DX10/upgraded OpenGL support. The launcher gives you more options to customize the games settings.

Personally, I found DX9 the best renderer: DX10 stutters, while OpenGL runs fine, but has screen tearing.

AbdulRazin 25

Sonic generation

xfall2 1

Exactly this lol. Am I'm not even a big sonic fan. What a gem!

sarahdisilva 1

Sweet! Thanks

BoredLizard200 2

And it comes with the dlc.

darksavior171 3

absolutely. what a steal

Novatk421 4