by Squ1gly. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    28    23

I just got one! They are spacing them out every few minutes but go get one!!

Update: I guess the series x is gone. That was quick!

Update Update: Now it shows the X as available for preorder. It looks like they are adding inventory slowly.



I was tipped few minutes ago.

I was able to order Series X console successfully.

dreamville 1

what do you mean tipped? is there a way to have alerts when preorders are available?


My source is through a relative I have in Microsoft.


Your source have any more updates lol? Any info would be killer, trying to cop that series X 😁

MoonisHarshMistress 1

My source is good for what I need: to buy the console.

After that is done, I can't bug my source again about next place to buy because my source is doing for me as a relative.

Key_Annual_1508 1

All Access bundle or console-only?

MoonisHarshMistress 1

Console only.

Best buy did not offer bundle


Confirmed, I see the Series S available. Not the X, though.


Shows the X as available for me. Maybe it's your area? Try checking again.


Only the S in my area. But appreciate the heads up!


aw it’s only for series s

  Squ1gly 1

Check again. It's showing it on my screen.

j-ermy 1

I did I managed to get one reserved for me so I can pay it later

  Squ1gly 1

Nice! Congrats man! I'm so excited! I was so surprised when I checked their website today!


Same! Haha

TheMuff1nMon 1

Series X was up, went fast


Still not available for All Access.

Key_Annual_1508 1

Yea I’m looking for the All Access bundle? Is this available? Or console-only preorders?


Stores appear to be prioritizing full price purchases over All Access right now. It will probably be sometime after launch before that becomes available.

psyact 1

Just checked, Series S is up for preorder.


Gears6 2

Not seeing any. :(

  Squ1gly 2

Really? That's a bummer. Maybe they ran out. When I got mine it kept switching from being available to not and back. Maybe check again in a few?

Gears6 1

I was able to order one, but seeing how it comes and goes, I have my suspicion that they are overbooking it.

Either way, I appreciate the post here! So arigato! ;)