Best games to get over a breakup?

by Savitar150. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    21    124

im in quarantine and just broke up with my girl. Can anyone recommend any good games to get over her? I have gamepass



So, who did she cheat on you with?

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You don't need games. You need some love. Talk with us.


I know this is an Xbox sub, but Smash with the boys cures anything.

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Not just the game either



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FFXV for a 100 hour long bromance/road trip simulator.

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Catherine. Not on gamepass but BC and cheap

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Kill All Humans? Just for the name of it?

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Mount and blade warband is a very cool game I never would have played but thanks to game pass I started playing yesterday. For me I lost a whole day playing it so i think its pretty good to get lost in.

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The new Doom. Rip and Tear.

Or play through the Halo Series.

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Many many moons ago I broke up with a fiancée just before Thanksgiving. I was so depressed that I spent the long weekend playing Ocarina of Time nonstop. Fell asleep with my controller in hand, woke up and just kept going. Only got up to walk my dog. I don’t think I ate more than four meals over five days.

Years later, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Happily married with two kids, and the ex is now a fat ass.

Take care of yourself now. Play some fun games. The future is long and bright.

I recommend Fallout 4. Endless amount of stuff to do.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 would fit the bill nicely

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Gears of War - the entire trilogy, especially if you play co-op with a friend. That will definitely help and they are all on Game Pass.

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Yakuza 0, Halo 4

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Lately I've been playing Kingdom Come. Mix that with a bit of weed and you could get lost for hours. It's what Skyrim should've been. Give or take a few bugs and features.

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Maybe Red Dead 2? It's a beautiful game with a lot to do. I found it pretty immersive and it's easy to get lost in.

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Red dead redemption 2

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This might not be a popular answer (if you’re looking for games that you can just blow things over and not think about your situation) but FireWatch helped me. It’s a mature take on how you seek escapism in times of personal struggle and definitely made me reflect on my own choices. It’s not gonna make you feel any better necessarily in a feel-good sort of way, but it might make you grow as a person and that’s always good. It’s also a cool art style and an interesting way to tell a story.

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The Division! Make a chick and stare at that booty.

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I'd say WoW. But on Xbox you have Tera and elder scrolls. Or Warframe. Honestly anything that takes a good grind and has something that hooks you.

I have a buddy that played GTA and spent a week hunting down every npc that looked like his ex and running her over.

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GTA rampage time my guy

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Dark Souls

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Call of duty, you will be fucked like never before.

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You and some of your good friends should buy a couple of the Jackbox party games. They’re like virtual board games that are a TON of fun, often providing tons of hilarious moments. I believe one of them is currently on gamepass.

Best part about them is that only one person needs to own the game!! The owner hosts a game and then anyone with a device can join from their phone or computer. You can even stream the game online so everyone can play from their own home.

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Master Chief Collection fo sho

xJossManx 1

Master Chief Collection fo sho

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If you can, and only if you can, walk alone.

Isolation will have a negative effect on you on your current state.

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GTA5. It has strip clubs.

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Postal 2

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Carrion. It’s a short game, can beat in a few hours. But be a horror monster and kill everybody

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Rocket league with the boys. Get them shouts and screams outta your system.

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How about doom eternal? Ripping and tearing demons should help you get over your ex

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Half the time this game makes me want to punch a wall

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Halo 2

Chief gets tired of Cortana so he breaks up with her by leaving her stranded on an alien ship infected by a parasite

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Halo master chef collection campaign run with the boys

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Witcher 3. Great game and will make you think of other things for sure

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RDR2, the witcher 3, state of decay 2, No mans sky are some... and then PH on the side

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Build a bridge?

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Play gta and go on a rampage.

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Just play thru all the Halos on MCC.

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World of Warcraft. Go get addicted and hide from the real world lol

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Gamer Girl


It depends on what you like really. I have been playing Mount and Blade : Warband and PUBG duos lately. Downloaded Carrion because it looked interesting. Sea of Thieves is ok WITH friends lol. We could give more suggestions if you tell us what you prefer. Oh I do have to say if you like RPGs you have to play the Fable trilogy, good game and a good time sink

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Shadow of War

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While I adore Catherine, I don’t think a game about love and relationships is the best thing for him right now.

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I sorta disagree sometimes perspectives from media can help process things. For instance, if it were on Xbox I would certainly recommend OP play Florence.

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What’s Florence and what console is it on

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That’s a fair point.

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Any good "podcast game" , something you can grind out loot or levels in while listening to other people discuss something interesting. It will give you the freedom to shut out the negative thoughts for a while, while focusing on other stuff for a couple hours.

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Any game that you can sink hours into and to keep your mind of your ex. Been through a couple of breakups. Usually Witcher 3 esque games help me a lot.

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Try out the borderlands games my guy those stories are just fun

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Random Borderlands NPC as he gets blasted

That had me rollin.

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My last breakup i pushed myself trough Tomb Raider definitive edition, it sucked from time to time but i enjoyed the game eventually. So maybe something story to keep your mind off things

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Hey, I’m going through the exact same situation right now, if you ever want to play some coop or online stuff hit me up.

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Portal, because there's cake.

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I've wanted to get Portal 2 on Xbox forever, but iirc it hasn't gone below $20 in years (if ever)


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I bought a used copy from GameStop for $5 as part of their 4 for $20 deal. It's regularly $9.99 if you get it from them pre-owned. I've also seen it new in some Walmarts for $14.

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I've looked at the disc on Gamestop but for me, I have an Xbox One in the living room and basement and have thought Portal 2 might be a game my wife would enjoy. If I could buy it digitally we could both play (plus it's just much preferrable to me nowadays).

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That's understandable.

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Red dead redemption 2

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There is something to be said about the solitude and isolation of the American Frontier

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Destiny 2, it's the perfect game because it will take all your time. Join a clan, do some raids and make some friends. And in no time all your thoughts will be about Shaxx (you will understand)

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It's the perfect game to get hatemail too! Started playing with some friends a week ago and got a handful people messaging me that I'm a bot and should kill myself!

Never had that happen in any other game.

So beware of that.

I usually place first or second.

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To add extra salt you should just report them so they get comms banned and can't play. Mwhahaha. I always try to bait people into swearing at me in texts because I'm an ass like that. Lol

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I honestly have never experienced that in my 6 years of playing. So I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Generally the community is really good.

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We've been playing it tons in that time so the results may be skewed it really is a fun game!

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Damnit. I was gonna say this. You beat me to it. (Reluctantly upvotes)

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I'm not sure if this game is on gamepass but you should try playing sunset overdrive, it's got a really cool look and the humour in the game is just insane and relatable, I think it would cheer you up

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It’s on game pass

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There you go, the game is soooo fun and available on game pass, it doesn't get better than this

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Forza Horizon 4

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Depending on how petty and jaded you are, you could always try the sims 4. You know make a sim of your ex and make their lives miserable and then light the house on fire...only if you want to of course.

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how are you coping bud?

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Is that on gamepass?

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Could be theres all sorts on gp

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Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball

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Lol this

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I’d personally go for something you can get lost in like a good RPG (Divinity 2, Skyrim, Dragon Age) or something multiplayer you sink attention in to (Modern Warfare, Titanfall 2, Rocket League)

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You may think I'm joking but Celeste would be good.

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We should be friends with these takes. I suggested FireWatch.


I was thinking this same thing! Such great story with incredible, frustrating gameplay

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No no, celeste is perfect. Maddeningly difficult (with plenty accessibility options to reduce said difficulty) great soundtrack, wonderful message.

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Witcher 3

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Viva Pinata.

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Word of advice. You’re gonna use every opportunity to talk about your breakup. Friends, family, reddit posts.... You’ll tell the story so many times till one day you get sick and tired of hearing it. It doesn’t sound true but trust me things get better. Hang in there man.
To answer your question nothing beats old fashioned co-op with the boys. Halo, speedy runners, anything really. Good luck!

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Dark souls should cheer you right up

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This is the perfect answer.

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Or Sekiro

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A few years ago, 2017, my only companion during my break up was Dark Souls, but the OG, so yeah that it's the best game during that time of life.

Anthony_Alt 2

It worked for me too. That’s why I recommend it. You don’t have much time to think about anything else when you’re being chased through blight town.

Revolutionary-Box819 18

Unironically though. The feeling of accomplishment is really great.

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Seriously, and he'll be so stressed trying to beat Capra Demon he won't even have time to worry about the breakup

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those fucking dogs. The trick is to use a faster weapon to kill the dogs and be able to roll before Capra or the other dog hits you.

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If you make it to the stairs you're halfway.

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Crackdown 3. Blow some shit up.

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Or any Just Cause game starting with 2

WaffleyWafflez 2

And ending with 3, 4 was a huge disappointment but that’s just my opinion

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It's not just your opinion, 4 is considered the worst one.

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Carrion. It’s on game pass and you get to bathe in the blood of your enemies


OP can pretend all the humans are his ex

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Get game pass and play Yakuza 0, just trust me

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After you spend time with Yuki, Chika, Mana, Ai, Hibiki and Saki; you will forget all your worries.

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This is the only right answer. Need to escape reality for a few weeks? Kamurocho will be your home away from home. In three easy steps, your Ex will be a distant memory. Those steps are Yakuza 0, Kiwami, and Kiwami 2.

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Any game with the boys

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Halo, NHL, Rocket League are my favorite games with the boys during quarantine. Just great gameplay and you're free to just have a conversation while playing.

Human Fall Flat (GamePass) was pretty funny but idk if it really has lasting power.

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Even just sitting in the party is great time just flies and no one gets mad after losing

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NHL is a game that will fill you with so much rage towards it that you will forget about the girl all together.

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This right here is the correct answer

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DA bois