Betrayal Legacy: Omen Deck??

by Monster_glont. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    5


Im confused about the use of omen cards in this game, as compared to the original game.

As an example Do we keep the OMEN card from chapter 1 + 2, and add it to the omen deck in Chapter 3?

We are now at Chapter 3, with only one omen in the card deck (The Omen that comes up in this chapter). The PAUSE card instructs: "When a player makes a haunt roll of 5+, or needs to draw an omen card, flip this card over. But how can we make a haunt roll of 5+ if we have only one Omen in this chapter? That makes no sense

We have discarded all Omens from Chapter 1+2 (buried them). Should we put these back and create an Omen Deck of a total of 4 cards (so far) ?

Or does the "Omen counter" increase by 1 permanently for each chapter? So that The "Omen counter" should be at 3 when we started Chapter 3, and therefore we could get a 5+ on the roll

Because right now, we start a new chapter. Move 2 spaces, trigger an omen/haunt and the chapter is "done"


thrawn-did-no-wrong 3

Only bury a card when instructed, including omens.

ManBearPig801 3

All of the omen cards you get create the omen deck. You should have like 3 or 4? You roll for the haunt when each omen card is drawn. If the haunt roll fails, you keep playing. If an omen card would need to be drawn but the deck is empty, then the haunt happens and you usually draw from the legacy deck.

TraceFaced 5

It's when you need to draw a new Omen card. You shouldn't bury the previous Omens.

TraceFaced 5

It wouldn't make much sense to continuously name and then bury the Omens, seems like a waste of permanent marker ink.
You basically, as you go on, start each game with the decks you have made. Omens, Items, and Events should be shuffled, while the Legacy and other deck remain the same. You will have to add some cards as instructed at the end of each game usually to your decks.

TraceFaced 3

It also leaves room for each chapter's haunt to be different if you trigger the haunt before the new card is having to be revealed, so there are different scenarios based on the Omen and Room combos.