Biggest Internal harddrive??

by ThatABXYOGdude. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    8

Trying to find the answer for biggest internal harddrive you can put in a xbox one(all digital) and the original fat xbox assume they would be the same but just coving all the bases. I believe its 16tb but want to confirm first.


fons383 1

2TB otherwise you're just wasting money. You cant partition it with the scripts any larger than that.


They don't make a 16TB 2.5" drive.

  ThatABXYOGdude 1

But if there's space in the all digital for a 3.5 16tb could I use it i mean there is a hard drive fan and mb in sure you could squeeze a 3.5 in it and close it or modify the top

fons383 1

3.5 drives require more power. The xbox one power connector won't be able to supply enough volts for a 3.5 drive.

PF_Throwaway_999 1

Why not get an external drive if you're willing to modify the console? It's faster than using an internal drive anyway.

icedearth15324 3

I could be wrong, but I believe the OG Xbox One and the Digital both use 2.5" drives, so the largest you can do is 5tb right now (based on some quick newegg searching).

NotFromMilkyWay 4

You can theoretically use anything over 500 GB, but it's safest to stick to 500 GB/ 1 TB or 2 TB, else you can run into issues with updates or even brick your console.


What this guy said.