Blade Mail applies the +20 damage to spell procs when it is activated. do with this information what you will.

by I3P. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    17    6

this has to be unintentional. darkseer/shadow shaman die instantly when they hit an active blade-mailed hero with ion-shell/shackle


zest3k 1

just buy 5 octarine cores bro

pokeaim 1

why? 5 voodoo mask is enough

EG_shartqueefy 5

kind of a pointless change, seems like a cancerous meta for squishy supports

EG_shartqueefy 1

nevermind, i thought it was supposed to affect regular spells too passively

SharanKotlo 7

I just triednin demo mode. Doesn't happen. Think they fixed it

  I3P 3

damn, that's pretty quick.