Blademail's passive should be removed entirely, it was already a good item.

by OnurKorkmaz22. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    20    26

Blademail was a VERY good item already, idk why it's been buffed. It's not needed at all.


MegtowMonk 1

20 + 20% passive damage return is way too OP. Not to mention it's a stupid and boring game mechanic.

strangepostinghabits 1

It might not be about buffing blademail.

It might be about nerfing everyone attacking into it.

FredAsta1re 5

I'm not picking windrunner again while that item exists in the current state


Bro you can use directional move to still move around but not trigger the attacks from focus fire. Really usefull when playing against blademail.

FredAsta1re 3

Yes but now blademail is permanently on. Directional move all you want if someone buys blademail you can not ult anyone with bkb along with your damage items


I know but you should be able to survive 20% of your damage until you have your bkb because then you dont take blademail dmg either way.

FredAsta1re 3

Not really. Don't forget that your ultimate reduces your damage and reflects the same damage type back. You probably have less armour than your target and you attack so much you will take a lot of damage.

In a pick off maybe okay but in a team fight your ulti is unusable on a blademail hero


Personaly i hate Windranger but i prefer having Windranger against me every single match than 20% Damage Reflection BladeMail.

fafa5125315 1

just get satanic and activate every time you use ulti duh

FredAsta1re 1

Yup you can only fight while bkbed or if you farm lifesteal as well as your damage items. So you have to spend 4/5k on top of your other items to counter their 2k gold item cool

nameorfeed 8

Good. Was annoying that wr needed one 1100 gold item to come online and solo kill anyone

paxiuz 3

-Slacks, probably

igorcl 19

If you were a wr spammer before this patch, you have a obligation to pick her now. Pay for your sins

hanato_06 30

Getting javelin-ed shackled focus fire wasn't fun either. This? This is revenge.

slazz 4

am pretty sure its not intended to work like it is right now...the active is stacking u get 3x BM and ur doing 300% damage back...yep i just had that in my game

  OnurKorkmaz22 1

Even without stacking it's way too OP. 20% is a insane number and blade mail did not need a buff, the item were good enough.


it was like this in dota1 but i agree it was already good on alot of heroes


I've never played DotA1, i've started playing in 2013 with Dota2, it may make some nostalgia for old players but no, just no.

pocman512 2

Iirc it did not have an active effect on Dota 1.

strangepostinghabits 2

they fixed the stacking bit.

dachickenfarmer 16

They gave it a buff cuz they nerfed its damage and int which was the reason it was so popular on int cores, now its meant to reflect damage and nothing more


Just change it's recipe and give STR, it makes sense.

Gellfling 8

It makes sense for the way you want blademail balanced. Not the way the devs want it. Reduce the numbers, sure, but quit being to opposed to change

PhgAH 5

Member when it work with spell lifesteal, and every QoP is unkillable? Good time