Board Game Table Build

by TheHillyard. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    28    12

Decided to turn our kitchen table into a board game table during Covid-19 lockdown.

Board Game Table Build


darrell_of_monkeys 2

Where did you get the play surface fabric? And what is it?

  TheHillyard 1

It's cosplay fabric with hexagon pattern. It's incredibly soft. I think it was from Joann Fabrics.

benhoff88 2

Looks great!

  TheHillyard 1


cicerunner 3

What are the magnets in the tabletop for? Metal drinks cups?!?

  TheHillyard 2

Holding the top on.

cicerunner 2

Ah hah! Thank you. Failure of imagination on my part. 🙄

  TheHillyard 1

If the top had turned out better I would have posted a picture with it on. But I'm starting building a new top now.

bgg-uglywalrus 5

Really nice use of the textured fabric! I see so many with felt (or whatever that microfiber stuff is), which I'm sorta "ehhh" on, so it's nice to see something different.

  TheHillyard 3

Thanks. It feels great to play on, but does pick up dust in the cracks easier. It wipes up really easily though.

SonaMidorFeed 6

Love it, buy BOY this arrangement of pictures is confusing!

Got a picture with the top on?

  TheHillyard 1

Top isn't done yet. Hoping it dries today, but I might build one from scratch.