Both controllers not working since update?

by Mottok76. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    4    7

Hi, Have had zero problems with my Xbox one (bought at release so is old but not used it much tbf). I updated it a few weeks ago but never used it, then started it up yesterday and both controllers are disconnecting constantly. Some times I can't even get them to connect at all then others I can use them fine in the menu but not in a game. Finally, out of the blue I can sometimes use them in a game fine.

Doesn't make any sense, my Xbox remote seems fine but can't remember if that connects using a different method. I have not changed anything else in the setup and has been used in the location for 3 years.

I have done pretty much everything, updated the Xbox to latest version (there was another update needed yesterday), updated the firmware on both controllers, done every kind of connection including USB (works fine when connected via USB). Finally did a system reset (not removing games option) and still same.

Any ideas? Many thanks.


Highrevz 1

Are you sure it’s not interference from another device or object near it. You seem to have covered all the steps to fix this but it’s strange that it’s happening to both pads.

  Mottok76 1

Yeh the thought had occurred to me. How do these first generation controllers connect again, is it Bluetooth? If so all there is is a couple of phones but can try switching them off to see what happens.


Highrevz 1

It's wifi interference. The controllers use 2.4ghz to communicate. Move your Xbox away from your wireless router and things will get better. I have this exact issue periodically because of it.

My Xbox was within 3 ft of my airport express and it'd disconnect regularly. Ever since I moved it it has gotten better.

ms Support recommends at least 6-8 ft away

Found that online. My friend moved his console behind the tv a few inches and got disconnecting and lag issues.

  Mottok76 1

My router is about 10 feet away. Only thing I can think of is my TV uses WiFi and is fairly new but I'm sure everything was working fine before. Wonder what the easiest way to test this would be..

Highrevz 1

Turn tv WiFi off maybe? U can scan for WiFi channels using an app bu you would have to google that mate.

  Mottok76 1

Yeh this is looking like interference, cheers. I could not get my controller to sync tonight no matter what I did, until I moved the controller right in front of the Xbox and it connects every time. Move away and it disconnects and then eventually stays connected for about 10mins.

I'm reading conflicting reports that these controllers are 2.4ghz and 5ghz,maybe they are dual band?

Either way my TV is using 5ghz and although I switched off the connection to the SSID on my TV there was still interference, which could mean the TV is still putting out a signal as I can't "switch off" the WiFi adapter.

I will try messing around with the channels and see what happens, thanks.

  Mottok76 2

Well I don't know, I think it's a fault or something happened after one of the recent updates because I've switched off every device in the house including the TV (from the plug) and changed channels on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz to make sure there is no conflict in WiFi signals between nearby houses etc and still doesn't want to sync from 6 feet away on my couch. Still OK about 3 inches away. Damn annoying...