Bounded: an abstract strategy game

by Lucario1296. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    7    10

**Sorry I don't have images**

This is a game for 2 Players. All it needs is a piece of paper (or equivalent).


This game uses a grid as a board. The size doesn't make much of a difference, but 4x4 or 5x5 are probably the best.


Players take turns placing numbers (positive integers) in any grid square.

The two rules governing placement are as follows:You cannot play a number already on the board.If the grid square you are playing onto has two or more neighbours (including diagonal), the number you play has to be less than the highest and more than the lowest.

The loser is the first who can't play.

Should I make a sub for discussing this game and its strategy?
EDIT: There's now a sub for the game: r/bounded


mineyoursmine 1

u/procrastinateur check this out!

venereth 1

Is there a limit to the upper positive integer? Like, is 1,000,000 a viable entry?

mineyoursmine 1

But also, i dont see any reason to not put a limit at the total number of squares

  Lucario1296 1

Forgive my maths, but with experimenting i think a board of n squares you should use numbers from 1 to n+sqrt(n). For example, 16 square boards u should use numbers from 1-20. This is just a useful idea, not a rule.

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Yes, but that makes winning much more difficult

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  Lucario1296 1

alright if you join now i'll make you a mod

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Cool, will play around with the game and hopefully be able to contriute better!

  Lucario1296 1

no problem

  Lucario1296 1

Cool, I will