Buy a Xbox Gift Card in USD from a....non US country.

by satanistsoul. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    7

Hey there, so i was wondering is there a way to buy a Xbox gift card in USD from Pakistan??...i need to use that gift card to buy the Xbox game pass since the game pass is not officially available in my country and a guy over at Microsoft support told me that this method will work..So if any of you know how to buy the gift card in USD than please let me know..


Forsaken_Jelly 1

Pcgamesupply is good but there are quite a few steps involved in setting it up any old gift card won't work.
You have to set the store to US (cheapest games and biggest selection) on your Xbox and specifically buy the American gift cards, you have to enter an American address on your profile on the Xbox website, and choose one of the tax free states. I chose a hotel in Colorado I think.
The best is to go in expat forum for Pakistan and see how they did it. I set up mine in Vietnam it's a long complicated process but definitely worth it.
There quite a few good online tutorials for this I don't have time to find links now. Be careful about credit card details because of fraud issues can get you banned. You can use any country's card on pcgamesupply but it'll have to be American card details on Xbox.

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Seagm legit site.

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Go to Microsoft or Xbox store. I think.

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The problem with that is that in order to buy a gift card for use in US, i need to be located in US since they ask for the postal code and address etc and you cant just change the region from US to any other country and then buy the gift card in USD.


Maybe you can buy from g2a and eneba stores.