Can I download DOOM and DOOM Eternal on the Xbox One when I bought copies for PC?

by IndigoScribson. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    4

For more details, I bought DOOM and DOOM Eternal on Steam recently since they were both on sale and I've always wanted to play them but never had the time. Sadly, I overestimated my laptop's ability to handle games as big as these, and even on the lowest graphics I still get a good amount of lag, and it's almost impossible to play because of it.

I was wondering if there was any possibility for me to get the games on the Xbox One without having to buy both copies again? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


zXUnsungHeroXz 1

All steam games are exclusive to PC If a game is labeled as "play anywhere" which is what your thinking about the copy must be downloaded from the Microsoft storeon your PC. If you purchase a game like ARK Survival Evolved or Gears 4 or 5 on Xbox store you will automatically receive a digital copy for free on the Microsoft store app on your PC you just need to look up the game and instead of having a purchase button it will be a download button the same holds true when buying abplau qnewhere title from the Microsoft store on your PC

point_decay 2

no, there is no way to transfer your purchase from one store to another. You could check where either are on game pass, you'd be paying $1 for the first month, but that should be long enough to play through if either are available..

FancyKilerWales 3

No, just get a refund on Steam

TheBigSm0ke 3