Can i keep the same games on a different account?

by muscle_man_mike. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    4    4

I want to make a fresh, new account but I don't want to have to repurchase my games. I've logged into two different accounts before on a single xbox and they had the same games, but I'm not sure if the games are permanent on the account or not. Can someone please explain how games on different accounts work?



Why do you want to make a new account?

TwoMagsGone 2

As long as the Xbox the account with the games is set as it's Home Xbox will be able to access games and DLCs, but not microtransactions like skins and lootboxes

sypherhelyx 2

Game save data and game ownership are tied to the account. The new account would not have access to the games owned by the old account. You could make the Xbox the Home Console from the old account that owns the games, which would give any account on that Xbox access to all games and subscriptions tied to the old account.

Some_Stoned_Dude 3

You can change your gamer tag , on the account with the games

But you cannot transfer ownership from one account to a different account ...

If the account that owns the games sets your Xbox as “my home Xbox” in settings, Other accounts on that Xbox can play those games because the Home Xbox account allows all players on that Xbox to play all games etc on that console