Can i share payday 2?

by robert1008900. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    9

I whant to share with my friend so we can play together payday 2.


EightBitRanger 1

I don't think you can both be playing a shared game.

Jondycz 1

Yes, you can share payday 2.

No, you can't play together


Could they play at the same time in single player?

twatiliciousx 1

Yes he can play singleplayer but he needs to start steam in offline mode. Btw why don't you just gift him, it's only 1€.

TheFoxMaster17 2


Floris555 6

Payday 2 is one dollar atm, can't he just get it himself?

ThomerTD 1

its 0.63 for me