Can I use 14d trial game pass codes multiple times on a single console?

by azaanis. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    6

Will I have to make new accounts each time or it won't work at all?


9DAN2 1

I bought a 14 day one off eBay recently which stated in the description that it’s for new or old accounts wether or not you’ve had a trial.

I bought it and it didn’t work as I already had a trial.

  azaanis 1

Have you tried creating a new Microsoft account and using it there? Games are shared across all accounts that are logged in on console afaik.

Tim-the_casual 3

Some codes are trials, and some codes say specifically "for first time/new users only".

  azaanis 1

So there are 14 day codes that are not only for new users?

Tim-the_casual 1

Yeah, I've gotten some in physical games and also controllers. They don't specify new user only "try gold"

  azaanis 2

I see, thank you!