Can I use one account on 2 devices?

by FDominikHUN. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    9

I have an account on Xbox with the game pass. Can I log in with that account on pc and download game pass games?


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sypherhelyx 2

Just a note in case you don’t already know, not all gamepass games are available on both console and pc.

kinyutaka 2

Game Pass Ultimate includes both Game Pass PC and Console. You log in with the same account.


And if someone is playing on xbox with that account,can I play on pc at the same time?



Carneyguydr 2

Only if it ultimate i believe. You can . I believe

Rutaku 3

As others mentioned, with Ultimate, yes. You cannot play the same game at the same time though

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Okay,thank you

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I see the other replies...Unless something has changed, You can play seperate games at any point. But if you want to play the same game at the same time. You can log the xbox in(stay signed in), then sign a different account in