Can we have pause timers for dire and radiant?

by K1LLzONE. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    36    18

When Dire pauses the game.. a timer must start running to indicate how long the pause is. Total Dire pause time, for whole match, can show next to it in brackets or something. Then the same for Radiant. Think it can help with fairness in pausing for both sides.. especially in pro matches (in lobby it can even show series pause time extra or something).



pausing in dota is off the charts, this does not happen in cs:go or almost any other competitive game i played, its way worse at the top tiers of dota aswell. any streamer playing at the high level its just endless pauses all game every game

thekoven 5

Pause timers would be fantastic, but honestly the whole pausing system needs a rework. It's abused to ridiculous lengths sometimes. I get it sometimes people disconnect due to internet issues, or their pc freezes/bsod's, but it happens way too often for it to be just that.

My suggestions for changes:

  • Stricter limit on # of pauses, but have pauses have a mandatory length if not all players are connected
  • Auto-pause for 30 seconds if a player disconnects via losing connection (not typing disconnect in console or hitting the disconnect button in main menu)
  • Lower behavior score of players who frequently disconnect but aren't assessed abandons.
  • Implement more fun mini-games to pass the time during truly needed pauses.

We're at a point where 9/10 games have at least one pause. It's the only game I've ever played where people are allowed to stop the fucking game at will. I get why we have pauses, and I get that it's fun that DotA has this unique feature that few multiplayer games offer, that being said, as someone who never fucking pauses...having to pause constantly really irks me. Just let me play my damn game. If you're internet is shit, then maybe don't play online games. If you randomly dc due to Volvo's shit system, fine, but if you pause every game your pause should be disabled or go on CD. Playing DotA is a privilege, not a right, if you can't provide a decent connection to the games server than you don't deserve to participate. Imagine going to a theme park and waiting in line for a ride, and one person decides they need to "pause' the ride so they can leave the line and then come back. And the whole ride shuts down, the line stops moving, and everyone waits for that person to come back. Sounds fun right?? No.


>Playing dota is a priviledge, not a right.

Exactly why your entitled ass should play single player games.


Entitlement would be playing a multiplayer game with 9 other people and making them suffer through countless pauses because you can't connect to the game. That's the very definition my dude. We all play to have fun, make friends, and share an experience together. Someone who shits all over that and says "wait" you all have to wait for me because I am more important than your fun. And you know what pauses are fine most people still have fun with a pause or two. The problem is when everyone every game multiple times a game keep pausing, on top of BMing pauses, on top of rage pauses...then it becomes toxic. No longer fun. And to continue to do that to people just so YOU can have entitled. Also, why are you attacking me bro are you a habitual pauser or something?

Pacific_Rimming 1

You're conflating technical issue pauses with rage pauses, that's why people are downvoting you.

Nadrojxam 1

I'm basically insinuating a couple things. That technical pauses aren't always technical pauses. Meaning, I could play a game right now and decide to manually dc and force a pause. I can do this every game. I can do this multiple times a game. Do I have technical issues, nope, but I can still abuse the system in this way. Honestly rage pauses are rare at least in my experience, they just fall into the abusive use of pauses category too. Now there really isn't any way to get hard data on how many pauses are truly justified, in other words how many are due to real connection issues. So I compare DotA to similar mobas and other online multiplayer games like rainbow six, fortnight, overwatch, aPEX, and contrast the apparent disconnects in DotA with those in other games. What I personally see and experience, is connection issues plagu DotA and no other game. I've never played a game where every match a player disconnects, sometimes multiple times a game. Never. So why in DotA is that the case. Well, it could be that dotas connecting service is shit and forces dc's, could be that it's just anecdota and not really as widespread , or it could be that many pauses are not in fact for dc's but are simply abusive use of the system. That's my problem. Pausing for dc's is fine if it's just that because in every other game that's never an issue. But problem is giving people a way to completely stop a pace based online game, for most it completely shatters their vibe and decreases satisfaction and performance. So it's a negative more than a positive. And then people end up abusing the ever loving fuck out of it so that doesn't help.

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Please use some paragraphs dude.

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On mobile sorry. But I guess that's that. Why when comment if you just respond with "paragraphs dude". Meaningful discussion can't take place here because people downvote opinions that they don't like, and so were left with posts like "my girlfriend drew this without any hands" posts and stupid meme shit and whatever else the hive mind agrees on. But paragraphs dude.

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You want meaningful discussion? Because so far you haven't passed the bare minimum even of making your wall of text readable.

Mobile? What excuse is this? You dont have an enter key on your phone lol or sth?

I won't even talk about how a meaningful discussion goes both ways. So far you've been writing monollgues about how right you are. That's not discussion. Try asking questions and listening instead.

If you can follow this bare minimum of conversational standard, I'm happy to debate with you :)


i agree, iv played since 2012, the power in my house or on my street has gone out twice whilst playing dota since then, i cant even think of a time outside of that iv needed a pause in dota... if you have a trash PC or internet then you perhaps should not play and make others suffer because of it.


id almost be keen to see a kind of "network score" thrown into the matchmaking algorithm, that aims to matchmake you into games against people who less frequently disconnect. of course i understand it would just drive up que times and make certain brackets such as the highest tiers unable to find games for an even longer period so it would def need some fine tuning, but at the very least there must be some change to the current system

thekoven 1

Agreed, and I'm in the same boat. I have had a stable PC and internet connection since 2011, but unfortunately that isn't the case for everyone and I understand that. I just want the players that abuse the pausing mechanic to be punished for it really.

I'd be interested in a "no pause mode" where if you d/c, you deal with the repurcussions instead of the entire game dealing with it.

Some days are worse than others, but after the 4th or 5th game in a row of someone disconnecting after pick phase really grinds my gears. It's extremely distracting and in a game that requires focus and paying attention it can really mess you up.

Nadrojxam 1

Interesting idea. Problem with current system now that I think about it is the fact that it exists means it will be used. It's supposed to be there as a failsafe but since it exists people use it for convince. My proof for this is think of any other multiplayer game, do you have people dcing at the same rate as in DotA? I played league for a few years, dc's were not common. Fortnight the same. ECT ECT . But because DotA allows pauses people abuse the fuck out of them.

abdullahkhalids 5

Lots of people live in large cities, pay for the best internet available in the area, and that internet connection is unstable. And there is nothing they can do to improve it.

If you want those people to not play, you will easily lose over half the player base..

Nadrojxam 1

Do they not play other games because Iif every pause is truly for connection issues, I've Never played a game with that many people dcing. A pause here and there is fine, it's the fact that every game completely stops, loses momentum multiple times. It's annoying and not fun. Literally no one likes pausing a game they're playing, like when as a kid you're playing and your mom tells you to pause and go do something lol. "I can't pause mom it's not a movie it's a game" most games don't allow you to pause and they all function fine. League didn't have people dcing multiple times a game, every game. IDK bro

a_Delorean 3

The auto pausing should be mandatory especially if it’s a sudden disconnect form the server(not manually disconnected), dont let it be unpauseable for a minute or so. Honestly not that big of a problem with higher behavior score but it will help.

thekoven 3

I have 10k behavior score and have never deviated more than a few hundred off of it. It's a plague at high behavior score too.