Can’t connect to internet whenever I turn my Xbox on

by RALIMABO. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    1    4

Whenever I turn my Xbox on my profile isn’t connected to Xbox Live, and whenever I try and connect to a wireless network it won’t connect to that either. I always have to restart my Xbox to fix it and even then sometimes it won’t work, help appreciated


Covetous1 2

My brother had this issue recently. Something about warzone screwed up his connection. He had to change ports in the advanced setting

suckerpunchermofo 2

My friend had that problem and it was the WiFi module that was faulty.... Luckily it was under warranty.

bojack1437 2

I've had this issue on my Xbox one (plain) for a long time, about 2 years now I think, I have submitted feedback through the insider program and other means and I've never been able to get it solved. I finally bit the bullet and ran a ethernet cable along the baseboards to my Xbox one.

My particular setup if it helps in correlation is I'm using UBNT Unifi-AC-Pro wireless access points, and by network is IPv6 enabled though even when the wireless eventually connects the Xbox does not show IPv6 even though the same exact network wired has IPv4 and IPv6. and of course out of all of my wireless devices the Xbox one is the only one having trouble.

I have also attempted disabling fast roaming on the access points and that did not change anything.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking about using an Ethernet cable but that goes to the complete opposite side of my house which doesn’t sound fun at all