Cant connect to xbox one S with my laptop

by abhi941. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    14    2

I am trying to connect xbox one S on my laptop using the xbox companion app.. I tried disabling the firewall, hard reset and also checked the ip address and subnet mask of both the devices... they seem fine to me.

Whenever i try to connect xbox one S using the app .. my xbox one S never gets listed on the app.

Is there anyway i can get it listed? I tried manually writing the IP address as well But, It says device IP Address not listed..

any idea how do i make my way through with this?


Bossdad4life442 1

Make sure media sharing is turned on for the laptop. Also you can try and search for the xbox via the IP. Just for kicks reset you network. Unplug modem and router turn off xbox turn off laptop. Turn on or plug in modem first. Once it is up all lights. Plug in router. When its up turn on Xbox and Laptop. Then try again. I have seen where the network needs to be reset and it works fine

ExtraToastyCheezits 2

How is your home network setup today? Are both the Xbox and the laptop connected to the same router? Or do you have multiple routers and other devices available in your setup? As long as you have just one routing device so that both are on the same physical network, then they should be able to see each other.